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14 Things to Do in the Tri-Cities (From Hiking to Wine Tasting)

14 Things to Do in the Tri-Cities (From Hiking to Wine Tasting)

Post last updated September 27, 2023

With an enticing blend of urban delights and scenic outdoor adventures, the Tri-Cities, WA, presents the perfect canvas for an unforgettable journey.

Whether you’re craving a serene getaway drenched in natural beauty or a thrilling vacation with action-packed activities, the Tri-Cities has an astounding range of experiences in store. 

From leisurely strolls along Columbia Park, restaurants, and wine-tasting in world-class vineyards to indulging in the vibrant arts scene and kayaking down invigorating water trails, there’s something for every travel enthusiast in this unique area.

So if you’re contemplating the remarkable experiences that lie ahead in the Tri-Cities, this article is right for you.

Let’s dive right in.

1. A Day Out in Columbia Park

Columbia Park in Tri-Cities Washington (Image Credit: iStock/smodj)

Covering sprawling 400 acres, Columbia Park weaves a unique array of natural beauty and leisure activities. It’s not just about a stroll in the park; it’s about engaging with a vibrant ecosystem that stretches out invitingly under the vast Washington sky.

Remember, there might be an occasional event fee, but the priceless memories you’ll make are well worth it. As you move through the park, the whispers of the wind echo stories of timeless beauty. The gentle rustling of leaves and distant bird songs accompany you, giving a sense of peace.

So step into Columbia Park, get lost in its natural allure, and find yourself in its tranquility. With every turn, there’s a new scene waiting to steal your breath away. This park isn’t just a patch of green in the Tri-Cities; it’s an oasis of serenity amidst the city life.

2. Hiking & Biking at Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure at Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. This beautiful preserve spreads out over hundreds of acres, with its paths snaking up the mountain and through the heart of nature.

As you move up the slopes on foot or by bike, each bend reveals a fantastic view, with panoramic views of the Tri-Cities and the flowing Columbia River. The whisper of the wind and the songs of birds become your soundtrack as you connect with the earth and your surroundings.

So, strap on your hiking boots or mount your bike, and answer the call of Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. Each trail has a story to tell and a sight to behold.

3. Kayaking or Boating on the Rivers

kayaker on Columbia River in Tri-Cities Washington (Image Credit: iStock / smodj)

As you navigate with your kayak or boat, you can engage with the vibrant aquatic life and the ever-changing landscapes unfolding on Columbia Kayak’s banks. 

As you glide along the water, the sun’s reflection dances on the rippling surface, creating a mesmerizing view. The air, tinged with freshness, fills your lungs, giving you some well-needed fresh air. Savor the tranquil moments, enjoy the exhilaration of the breeze, and engage with the stunning scenery around you.

Let your boat carry you on a journey that goes beyond typical sightseeing. It’s not just about maneuvering your boat or kayak but about immersing yourself in an experience where nature takes the lead, guiding you through one of the most beautiful corners of Washington State.

4. Art Walk in Downtown Kennewick

While navigating the Art Walk, you’re going to be met with a range of artworks, each telling a unique story and showcasing the creativity of local and regional artists. From contemporary pieces to traditional creations, every piece of art adds a stroke of color to the vibrant canvas of Kennewick.

It is usually open from 5:00-8:00 pm every First Thursday of each month. The price range varies from time to time. Paying the price is totally worth it to enjoy this cultural journey with the Art Walk in Downtown Kennewick.

5. Cheer on the Tri-City Americans at an Ice Hockey Game

Experience the electrifying atmosphere of a Tri-City Americans ice hockey game. This event is about being part of a passionate community that gathers to support their local heroes, the 


The stadium pulses with energy and anticipation as the puck glides across the ice. Every goal, every save, every move keeps you on the edge of your seat, drawing you into the dynamic world of ice hockey. The ticket price varies from game to game, so you should take a look at the prices of the ticket before you go there just to be on the safe side.

So, put on your team colors and head to an ice hockey game featuring the Tri-City Americans. 

6. Explore the Past at the Hanford Site’s B Reactor Museum

Journey back to the Hanford Site’s B Reactor Museum is a monument to human ingenuity and history. This isn’t just about exploring an old site, it’s about stepping into a narrative that changed the course of the world.

As you walk through the museum, remnants of the past echo through the walls. Each exhibit, artifact, and photograph opens a window to a distant yet pivotal era. Engage with the displays, absorb the information, and let the weight of history sink in.

It’s not just a trove of historical artifacts; it’s a place where time stands still, where you can walk through pages of history and experience a story that has shaped our present. This museum isn’t just a relic of the past, it’s a reminder of our journey as a society and a beacon for our path forward.

7. Walk Through History at Sacajawea State Park

Get lost in the rich history of Sacajawea State Park. It’s not just a walk through the park, it’s an adventure through time following the footprints of early explorers as well as indigenous tribes that used to call the area home.

While you walk the trails and look at the intricate array of historical events, you’ll find numerous markers and plaques. Each has the story of a particular piece that makes up the museum’s historical puzzle. Take a look at the markers that tell stories, look at the ancient artifacts, and enjoy learning local history.

It’s a live history lesson that gives life to the stories from our history. This park is proof that there is a rich and varied past that has created the Tri-Cities region.

8. Discover Science at the Columbia River Exhibition (CREHST)

When you interact with the interactive displays and look over the elaborate exhibits, you will gain insight into the intriguing narratives of science that run through the area. Each exhibit is part of a puzzle that uncovers the secrets that lie within the Columbia River and its surroundings.

This is a space where nature and science meet. It’s more than just an exhibit but a place for the curious and adventurous, with every corner offering the chance to study and explore.

Columbia River Exhibition is about satisfying a thirst for knowledge and a greater appreciation of the environment that surrounds us. This exhibit isn’t merely an information-rich space but a beacon of knowledge that reveals our knowledge about the world around us.

9. Bird Watching at McNary National Wildlife Refuge

Listen to the symphony of nature at McNary National Wildlife Refuge. It’s a sanctuary that is home to a variety of birds. This is a place to be immersed in an environment where birds chirping creates an enchanting backdrop to your trip.

While you travel through the sanctuary, a variety of sounds and colors can be heard and seen. Every feathered creature you meet is a different tale and paints a vivid picture of the rich diversity of the area.

Take your binoculars out and enter the McNary National Wildlife Refuge. While you explore its trails and hidden areas, you’ll see that it’s more than only a birdwatcher’s paradise. It’s a testimony to the harmony of nature and a place in which one can truly appreciate the coexistence of humans.

10. Fishing at the Rivers

Embrace the timeless art of fishing at the beautiful Tri-Cities rivers. This is about experiencing a sense of serenity and anticipation only an angler can understand.

As you set up your fishing spot, the soothing sounds of the water and the rustling of the leaves set a calming vibe. You’ll be a part of the landscape, waiting patiently for the river to provide you a reward. Appreciate the quiet moments, breathe in the fresh air, and engage with the tranquil scenery.

So ready your fishing gear and enjoy the fishing. This isn’t just a place to catch fish; it’s a spot where you can disconnect from the noise of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

11. Root for the Tri-City Dust Devils at a Baseball Game

Prepare to be taken up by the excitement of the Tri-City Dust Devils’ baseball game. The event is a celebration of sportsmanship and a sense of community that resonates throughout the stadium.

When the ball soars across the sky and finally lands on the hand with an enthralling hit, the enthusiasm of the crowd will roar throughout the stadium. The prices for tickets fluctuate between times, but it’s definitely worth the cost. Every pitch, each hit, and every catch is a testimony to the ability and determination that the team members display.

Wear your baseball hat, get your snacks for game day, and prepare to cheer on your team, the Tri-City Dust Devils. A baseball game at Tri-City isn’t just about playing but also being an integral part of the tradition that celebrates community and sport equally.

12. Wine Tasting at Local Wineries

Wine tasting in Tri-Cities is a great experience. Wineries offer sensory pleasures like no other experience can. Not only can you sample different wines, but the experience also allows you to uncover subtleties and unique characteristics that distinguish each wine’s distinctive qualities.

As you sip on some of the region’s finest wines, it is impossible to miss the skill and passion put into each bottle. Each winery tells its own tale – one filled with tradition as well as innovation revealed through every glass that passes your lips.

So raise your glass and explore Tri-Cities wineries! Not only is this an opportunity to sample delicious wine, but it is also a celebration of regional viticulture, an invitation to experience this journey from vine to bottle and appreciate not just its drinks but its journey from humble grapes into exquisite drinks!

13. Shop Fresh at the Farmers’ Markets

Explore the joy of buying fresh food at one of the Farmers’ Markets in the Tri-Cities. It’s a colorful showcase of the bounty of the region and a celebration of its agricultural heritage.

When you walk through the market stalls, you will be greeted by the vibrant colors of the fresh-picked vegetables and fruits, the smell of baked goods lingering through the breeze, and the welcoming chatter of farmers from the area selling their goods.

It’s important to remember that the Farmer’s Markets isn’t just about shopping for groceries. It’s an intimate bonding experience for the local farming community as well as an opportunity to learn about the concept of farm-to-table firsthand. 

Going to the Farmers’ Markets creates a focus on supporting small-scale businesses as well as adopting a more healthy and sustainable way of life.

14. Golfing at Meadow Springs Country Club

Experience good old fashion golfing at Meadow Springs Country Club in the Tri-Cities. Here, you can immerse yourself in a cherished tradition amid stunning natural beauty.

As you walk through the immaculately maintained grass, you can’t help but admire the blend of natural and man-made elements that contribute to the unique character of the course. Each hole presents a new challenge, a testament to the strategic design that caters to golfers of all levels.

So, grab your clubs and tee off at Meadow Springs Country Club. Golfing at Meadow Springs isn’t just about the game; it’s about the pleasure of playing in a setting that exemplifies the beauty and spirit of the Tri-Cities.

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