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Cruise Ship Passenger Rescued After Coast Guard Hero Descends From the Sky Like an Angel

Cruise Ship Passenger Rescued After Coast Guard Hero Descends From the Sky Like an Angel

Post created June 27, 2024

In video footage captured by a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Miami, a sick man is rescued from Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. The ship was about 290 miles away from Miami, Florida.

Initial Contact

The video starts with a view of the Mariner of the Seas. It is a big cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The weather appears calm, which is good news for this rescue operation.


The MH-65 Dolphin helicopter approaches closer to the cruise ship. The pilot handles the helicopter with great skill, keeping it steady while the crew member is in position to descend to the ship.

Nearing the Helipad

The helicopter hovers closer and closer to the ship while the crewmember is lowered down slowly to the helipad. Remember that The Mariner of the Seas is still moving forward, so a high degree of precision is a non-negotiable in order to safely pull off this rescue operation.

Crew Finally On Deck

With the crewmember now on deck, the helicopter then lowers a stretcher to be used for the sick passenger on board.

Stretcher Secured

Now that the stretcher is secured, it’s time to meet up with medical personnel on board and get to the passenger.

Connecting With Royal Caribbean Staff

With Coast Guard personnel safely on board, a member of the Royal Caribbean meets the rescue crew member and takes them to the sick passenger.

Helicopter Lands

With rescue personnel on board and able to attend to the passenger, the Coast Guard helicopter spends a few more moments safely landing on the ship’s helipad.

Passenger Enters the Helicopter

Thankfully, a stretcher wasn’t needed for this rescue as this passenger is able to walk with little to no assistance. The passenger is the individual in the red shirt, ear protection, and a medical mask.

Returning Home

With the cruise passenger secured, the UH-65 heads back to Miami so that the patient can receive more intensive medical attention. Now that you’ve seen a summary, watch the full rescue video in high-definition by clicking here now.

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