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13 Things to Do Around T-Mobile Park (Including Our Top Food and Drink Spots)

13 Things to Do Around T-Mobile Park (Including Our Top Food and Drink Spots)

Post last updated April 26, 2023

Have time to kill before you watch the Mariners play at T-Mobile Park? You’re in luck because the neighborhoods around Seattle’s ballpark are full of great things to do and delightful restaurants, bars, and breweries.

Play mini-golf or try indoor bouldering. Dine on a drool-worthy Caribbean roast sandwich, pillowy dumplings, and gluten-free churros. Drink local beers, and chill with other sports fans. 

As a Seattle local, I have some awesome recommendations for you. Here are 13 great things to do and where to eat and drink around T-Mobile Park!

Things to Do Around T-Mobile Park

Flatstick Pub

The outside of Flatstick Pub in South Lake Union (Image Credit:

Flatstick Pub is one of my favorite spots to hang out with a group of friends. Go to the Pioneer Square location, which is within walking distance of the ballpark. Play a round of mini-golf or try “duffleboard” (a mix of shuffleboard and mini-golf). There are plenty of other games, including beer pong, cornhole, giant Jenga, and classic board games like Battleship and Sorry. 

This quirky, art-covered pub boasts an extensive tap list full of local beers. Food options at the Pioneer Square location include tacos, nachos, and chips with salsa, guac, or queso.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

History buffs will love the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park because it’s one of the best free museums in Seattle. This museum explores the history of Seattle’s role in the Klondike Gold Rush. And it may be small, but it has two floors of exhibits that are informative, interesting, and interactive. This is also a great museum for kids. There’s plenty within the museum to keep them entertained, and they can earn a Junior Ranger badge while here.

Seattle Pinball Museum

The Pinball Museum is exactly what it sounds like. It’s pure fun! Located in the International District, this museum has dozens of vintage pinball machines arranged by era. The entrance fee is $20 for adults and $17 for kids 7-12. Once you’re inside, you can play as many games of pinball as you like. Planning to stay and play for a while? They sell sodas, snacks, craft beers, and ciders to keep you fueled while you’re there. 

Momentum Indoor Climbing

My husband tackling a route at Momentum (Image Credit:

If you’re searching for something active to do near T-Mobile Park, Momentum Indoor Climbing is my top recommendation. This indoor bouldering gym is great for people of all abilities. They have a range of easy-to-challenging climbing routes that will test your strength, dexterity, and stamina. 

Grab some chalk, rent some climbing shoes, and try it out for a couple of hours. The gym is in SODO, just south of the ballpark. Once you finish, they have showers for you to rinse off and get going.

Waterfall Garden Park

Waterfall Garden Park is another fun and free thing to do around T-Mobile Park. Located in Pioneer Square, this tiny gem is right in the middle of the busy neighborhood. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a calm place to get away from all of the hustle and bustle. 

The park has plenty of seating, so bring a book or sketchpad to keep you entertained. It’s also an excellent spot to have a leisurely lunch. The rush of the waterfall and the well-maintained plants and flowers in the park make this a peaceful little retreat.

Underground Tour

Seattle’s Underground Tour is one of the best things to do around T-Mobile Park. The tour will take visitors beneath the streets of Pioneer Square. Here, you’ll get a tour of the original city of Seattle before the Great Seattle Fire decimated it. After the fire, the streets were regraded, and the present-day city was built atop the old. The tour is informative and funny, and a one-of-a-kind activity in Seattle.

Food and Drinks Around T-Mobile Park

Dough Zone

Doug Zone Dumplings
Dough Zone’s specialty is xiao long bao – or soup dumplings (Image Credit:

The International District has tons of great dining, but if you’re craving dumplings, Dough Zone is the place to go. Get your dumplings pan-fried, boiled, steamed, or try their popular soup dumplings. In addition to dumplings, Dough Zone serves a drool-worthy bao, dan dan noodles, a green onion pancake, a spicy beef sandwich, and much more. This bright, popular, and affordable spot is a must-try for foodies.

Uwajimaya Food Hall

A Taiyaki filled with adzuki from BeanFish in Uwajimaya (Image Credit:

Looking for a cheap and quick pre-game food option? The Uwajimaya Food Hall is a good bet. Located in the huge Uwajimaya grocery store, several food vendors sell a variety of cuisines. Grab Taiyaki, cream puffs, or Japanese mochi donuts if you’re craving something sweet. Choose poke, hot pot, or Thai dishes for a more filling meal. Vendors occasionally rotate, but you can always count on there being something tasty to munch on. 


Paseo in SoDo
A look at one of Paseo’s pork sandwiches (Image Credit: Seattle Travel)

If there’s a single must-try food place near T-Mobile Park, it’s gotta be Paseo. This casual restaurant serves incredible Caribbean food, but the sandwiches steal the show. Try the famous Caribbean roast. It has slow-roasted and marinated pork shoulder, pickled jalapenos, and caramelized onions. Or order the Paseo Press with smoked ham, banana peppers, and Swiss cheese. 

The list of sandwiches goes on, and pretty much everything, including their bowls, sides, and desserts, is a guaranteed hit. Paseo has a large outdoor patio for warm days, and it’s located just south of the ballpark in SODO.

Hatback Bar and Grille & Steelheads Alley

Hatback Bar and Grille and Steelheads Alley is the official Mariners bar, and it’s a great one to visit. Rest assured that the game will be on if you visit while the M’s play, and there will be loads of other Mariners fans to hang out and socialize with. Hatback has a great tap list with beers from local breweries. Menu items range from smash burgers and shrimp tacos to Korean chicken wings and Puget Sound oysters.

Jellyfish Brewing

My husband and I with our beer flight at Jellyfish Brewing (Image Credit:

Jellyfish Brewing is located in Georgetown, which is further from T-Mobile Park than other neighborhoods on this list. However, if you venture to this phenomenal brewery, you won’t regret the trip. Jellyfish has a good amount of space, with large tables and a laidback atmosphere. If you’re a fan of unique sour beers, you’ll love their offerings. They have a few snacks you can enjoy with your drink, and the vibe and bartenders are both unpretentious and welcoming.

Ghostfish Brewing

Ghostfish Brewing is located in SODO, and it’s a godsend for gluten-free people. Not only does this brewery specialize in delicious gluten-free beers, but they also have a menu full of tasty celiac-friendly food. Order fries, pretzels, burgers, tacos, and sandwiches without having to worry about cross-contamination. For beers, try the Grapefruit IPA or the Belgian White Ale. One must-try food item? The churros with caramel, chocolate, or strawberry dipping sauce.

Hooverville Bar

Hooverville Bar (Image Credit:

This tucked-away dive bar is just two blocks from the ballpark and has an extensive selection of beers, spirits, and ciders. In true dive bar fashion, Hooverville Bar has a lowkey vibe, along with pool tables, darts, pinball machines, and skeeball to keep visitors entertained. Enjoy some free peanuts with your drinks, and huddle up in a booth or at the bar to pass the time with a cool crowd.

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