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The Most Expensive House for Sale in Seattle is a $70 Million Waterfront Stunner

The Most Expensive House for Sale in Seattle is a $70 Million Waterfront Stunner

Post created October 30, 2023

Seattle has thousands of houses ringing Lake Washington that are all dream homes for most. So, you might be wondering just what is the most expensive home for sale in the Seattle area?

As of October, the most expensive home is in Hunts Point, which is just across from Seattle and located near State Route 520. Let’s dive into why this house is so expensive. For most, it’s just a dream. But with Mega Millions pots reaching up to $1.6 billion, it could be your dream home as well!

The Most Expensive Home in the Seattle Area

Most Expensive House in Seattle
The most expensive house in the Seattle area has a guest house, tennis court, pool, and dock

The most expensive home in Seattle has an undisclosed address on services like Zillow, but it’s not hard to figure out the actual address. It’s 3858 Hunts Point Road. The property has the following highlights:

  • 4.3 acres along Lake Washington
  • 327 feet of shoreline
  • A dock that can accommodate yachts, seaplanes, and more
  • A tennis court
  • A beach house that can serve guests as well as a staff house

Why This is the Most Expensive House in Seattle

A Dock on the Most Expensive Home in Seattle
A large yacht docked at Seattle most expensive home (Image Credit: Northwest MLS)

Seattle has a number of stunning properties along the Lake Washington waterfront that could likely sell for $100 million-plus. For example, both the compounds Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos own contain more land and would likely sell for this $70 million stunner.

However, it’s worth noting a few of the reasons this house is so impressive.

View from the House to the Waterfront
A view from the house to the waterfront looking into Cozy Cove (Image Credit: Northwest MLS)
  1. Incredible Cove: Hunts Point juts out into the water creating an ideal cove for boats. In fact, this house sits in a cove known as “Cozy Cove” that’s accommodating to yachts of 150 feet in size.
  2. Massive House: The house at Hunts Point is 17,599 square feet and was designed by Richard Landy – who is a famed architect known as the “King of the Megamansions.”
  3. More than Just a Home: As noted previously, this house includes more than 4 acres and give separation with a guest house and staff house.

3 Other Incredible Homes in the Seattle Areas on Sale

Of course, this house on Hunts Point is far from the only show stopper in the Seattle area, let’s look at a few of the other most expensive homes for sale in the region.

  • 3639 Hunts Point Road: Is $70 Million a bit too rich for you? Well, right down the road there’s a $35 million home on Hunts Point Road. The property has 130 feet of waterfront, a 1.86 acre lot, and a beautiful yard.
  • Mercer Island Mansion: Another property with an undisclosed address has a massive waterfront with a pool, a 1.25-acre lot, and 210 feet of waterfront on Mercer Island. Its currently listed for $37.9 million.
  • A Modern Median House: Finally we’ll close with a house in Median on sale for $21.5 million It has a 6,920 square-foot house, 125 feet of waterfront, and a beautiful view facing downtown Seattle.
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