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The 12 Best Restaurants in Leavenworth From German Bratwurst to Tacos, Italian & More

The 12 Best Restaurants in Leavenworth From German Bratwurst to Tacos, Italian & More

Post last updated September 2, 2023

Leavenworth is a paradise for weekend getaways. This Bavarian-themed town is set in the heart of the Cascade mountains and is home to festivals almost every weekend of the year. It’s also home to a burgeoning food scene that punches well above its weight for the town’s small size.

In Leavenworth, you’ll find Bavarian-themed restaurants with traditional German fare, upscale dining with farm-fresh ingredients, and everything in between. In this guide, I’ll show you my favorite places to stop in for a bite the next time you’re in town.

1. München Haus

München Haus is one of Leavenworth’s famous Bavarian beer gardens and a must-visit restaurant if you’ve never been. It serves up enormous German bratwursts, handmade pretzels with beer cheese, potato salad, and more.

The brats are massive and you can pile them high with condiments. There are more than a dozen homemade sauces to layer on top of your brat, plus all the saurkraut you can eat.

The food is terrific, but my favorite part of München Haus is the environment. The space is festive and there are long outdoor tables made for sharing. So, you get to mingle with locals, climbers returning from a long day in the mountains, and tourists from Seattle while enjoying your brat.

2. South

South is a Latin American restaurant with locations in Leavenworth and nearby Wenatchee. It offers Mexican food favorites like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, but the real stars of the show at South are the South American-inspired dishes. You can get Peruvian tacos with a really flavorful seasoning, fried shishito peppers, and even a spicy shrimp burrito.

South has a full bar and offers margaritas, imported Mexican beer, local wine, and more. So, it’s also a great place to stop in if you’re looking for something other than a German lager.

3. Crêpe Café Sisters

Crepe Plate
(Tatjana Baibakova/Shutterstock)

Crêpe Café Sisters is a delicious shop for sweet and savory crepes made fresh to order. You can choose from savory toppings like cajun-style andouille sausage and smoked ham or sweet toppings like Nutella, raspberries, and blueberries. You can also build your own crepe if you want a different topping combination than what’s on the menu.

The line for crepes can be long, particularly on summer weekends. But I promise they’re well worth the wait.

4. Icicle Brewing Company

Beer Garden (Image Credit: Shutterstock / Steven Phraner)

Icicle Brewing Company is a popular hang-out spot for Leavenworth locals and visitors alike. The brewpub offers a wide range of beers brewed on-site along with tasty small plates to whet your appetite before you head to dinner on Front Street.

Many of the food options include locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats, so the menu changes over seasonally. You can always get a beer-cheese pretzel, a pulled pork sandwich, or a mix of local-made chips and roasted nuts.

Of course, the main attraction at Icicle Brewing Company is the beer. The taproom offers a lot of new releases and experimental brews that you can’t find anywhere else.

5. Larch

Larch is an artisan pasta restaurant owned by chef Ben Herreid, who also crafts the menu at other upscale Leavenworth restaurants like Wildflour. Larch features classic Italian dishes like lasagna, mushroom ravioli, and linguini with scallops.

All of the pasta is made fresh in-house using local ingredients. It’s a pretty incredible culinary experience.

While Larch verges on fine dining, prices are surprisingly reasonable. Just keep in mind you almost always need a reservation to get a table, even on most weekdays.

6. La Javelina

La Javelina is my go-to spot for lunch in Leavenworth. This taco shop offers imaginative combinations like braised brisket and polenta, mole chicken and ricotta, and blackened cod and lentils. You can also order any of the items on the menu as a bowl or wrap if you aren’t feeling tacos.

La Javelina also makes a great breakfast stop. They have a few different breakfast taco options and I think they’re one of the best coffee shops in town. Definitely try the horchata latte if you haven’t been in before.

7. Mana

Mana isn’t your average restaurant. It’s a culinary experience that you’ll want to add to your list of things to do in Leavenworth.

At Mana, dinner is two and half hours long and includes six courses. All of the food is local and organic, and the plates are served up in beautiful arrangements that are worthy of a photo.

Reservations are required at Mana, and the restaurant is typically booked up months in advance. When you book, I recommend asking for outdoor seating. Mana has small greenhouses and enclosed bubbles in a garden that really add to the experience.

8. Watershed Cafe

Watershed Cafe is another delicious fine dining option in Leavenworth. It’s easier to get into than restaurants like Larch and Mana, but I think the food is just as good and the atmosphere feels slightly more relaxed.

At Watershed, most of the plates use farm-to-table ingredients from local Washington farms. You’ll find Hama Hama oysters, beef from central Washington ranches, and fruits and veggies from the Wenatchee valley. The menu changes seasonally, so there are always new dishes to try.

It’s also worth noting that Watershed Cafe is one of the best cocktail bars in Leavenworth. The bartenders there can make all the classics and they have an ever-changing menu of house drinks to try.

9. Andreas Keller Restaurant

Andreas Keller Restaurant is one of the oldest Bavarian restaurants in Leavenworth, and also one of the most popular.

Looking at the menu, you’ll feel like you’re in Germany. Many of the items have German names, but thankfully they’re accompanied by English explanations of what the plates are. The food is heavy and filling, so make sure you go to this restaurant on an empty stomach.

Andreas Keller Restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so it’s a good backup option if you get to Leavenworth without dinner plans already in place.

10. Leavenworth Pizza Company

Leavenworth Pizza Company has been tossing dough and cooking pizzas in its wood-fired brick oven since 1988. This is where I usually go when I’m coming into Leavenworth after a long day in the mountains.

There’s usually a bit of a wait to get food here, but it’s always worth it. The dough is made fresh and the thin crust always comes out perfectly crispy. There are topping options to suit every taste, including some unusual combinations like a Thai peanut sauce pizza.

11. Rhein House

Rhein House is a great spot to know about in Leavenworth. It’s a huge Bavarian-style building right on Front Street with tons of seating and an outdoor patio. Even when everywhere else is filled up, I can usually get a spot in Rhein House.

That’s not to say the food is any less great than the other restaurants in town. Rhein House is less upscale, but the quality is great and there are tons of options. There are lots of bratwurst plates, but also American pub classics like burgers, falafel, and cheesesteaks.

Rhein House also has live music on Thursday nights throughout the summer. It’s a great atmosphere and you’re sure to run into more locals than out-of-towners there.

12. Visconti’s Italian Restaurant

Visconti’s is an Italian and American restaurant with something for everyone. You can get pasta, pizza, steak, eggplant parmesan, seafood, and more. It’s a great compromise when your group can’t all agree on one type of food.

Visconti’s makes all of its pasta in-house. It can’t quite match the pasta at Larch, but it’s still extremely good.

I recommend making reservations if you want to get into Visconti’s—it’s often quite busy.

My Takeaway on Leavenworth

Leavenworth has an impressive selection of restaurants that makes it as much a culinary destination as a mountain getaway. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a quick bite to eat after a long day exploring the area, there are plenty of options.

If you’re planning a trip to Leavenworth, I recommend making dinner reservations for at least one or two nights ahead of time. There are some restaurants you can always get into, but several of my favorite places to eat in town routinely fill up.

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