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Spotlight Review: Suzy Guese Travels

Spotlight Review: Suzy Guese Travels

Post created August 22, 2012

suzy gueseFor an extraordinary glimpse into the wonders of travel that will leave you running for your suitcase, you simply must not miss Suzy Guese– Traveling with a Redheaded Temperament. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just beginning to awaken to the world around you, this fiery redhead and her unapologetic nature will forever change how you view vacation time. It’s common sense travel with a twist- designed for those of us who are willing to look beyond every day travel experiences in search of the extraordinary.

Who is Suzy Guese? This modern day explorer shares more than a passion for travel, but a zest for life, heightened by meeting new people and visiting new places. Whether she’s hiking minutes from home or dining Italian style in Milan, Her unique enthusiasm for the true “experience” that lies beneath every adventure is infectious. Suzy’s recent trip to Uncertain, Texas and her intentional dismissal of priorities reminds us to embrace the unknown, whether we’re roaming far off lands or stumbling over familiar territory.

With thoughtful words and captivating images, Traveling with a Redheaded Temperament inspires us to take on our own travel aspirations –whether they involve a plane, a train or just thoughtful reflection from a quiet room in the house. It’s easy to engage with Suzy through her “Stumbles Over Travel” section which highlights a different traveling experience submitted by readers every week. The varied locals and unique experiences add an exciting and fresh style that readers undoubtedly look forward to.

With essential travel tips covering everything from how to avoid outdated hotel reviews to the benefits of being “chatty” with strangers, Suzy captures and shares the meat and potatoes of extraordinary traveling. So whether you’re looking to discover the Spanish inspired Mission San José in Texas, roam the streets of a foreign country or you simply prefer to daydream, this is one blog you don’t want to miss.

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