Estimate Your Taxi Fare

When we visit cities, we avoid parking hassles by skipping the rental car.  Using a combination of taxis and public transit – you can get around much more easily and stress-free and reallocate your rental car cost to the taxis.  On our last trip to Seattle, we did use a car

taxi cab seattle

and spent almost 30+ stressful minutes looking for parking the day of a Mariner’s baseball game.

The one challenge with this plan is estimating the cost for a taxi with any reasonable degree of accuracy.  We found a new tool that helps you to estimate the cost — not just in Seattle, but in most major U.S. cities for the taxi fare.  By tapping into Google Maps, TaxiFareFinder lets you set a start and end point to estimate your almost “exact” taxi fare cost.  It’s a super useful tool as it brings in the official taxi fare rate schedule for major U.S. cities.  Check it out, it will help you figure out whether the bus, train, rental car, or taxi is your best route for your trip plans.

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