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Seattle’s SeaTac Taxi Controversy Continues

Post created November 17, 2010

Dear STITA Clients, Customers, Passengers:

In the last week, a story appearing in the local media was based on untrue assertions about STITA Taxi’s current status. I am writing to assure you that STITA is very much in business, is committed to honor our account agreements, and continues to serve our loyal customers and passengers throughout the region.

Unfortunately, a November 12 article by the Seattle Times that was widely disseminated gave readers the very wrong impression that after operating successfully for 21 years, STITA is going out of business. The reporter–an intern–attempted to describe STITA’s current status without actually talking to a single STITA representative. Instead, he quoted the personal opinions of two people who are not part of STITA and know little about STITA’s current business or operations.

For the record, STITA is open for business. In fact, we are actively working to expand our services and accounts, not to shut down or cut back.

We value your business and your confidence in STITA as your transportation service provider.
And, we look forward to continuing to meet and exceed your transportation needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 206-246-9999 if we can provide additional information or assistance.


Harpreet S. Bassi
President, Board of Directors

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