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10 Most Haunted Places In Washington State

10 Most Haunted Places In Washington State

Post last updated September 21, 2023

With its looming trees, rainy atmosphere, and dark autumn nights, it is no wonder that many consider Washington state to be a spooky-looking place. The state has an infamous history of serial killers with local roots and there’s a number of horror films and haunted characters based throughout the state, including the American version of The Ring, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series, and the smash hit Twilight books and films.

In reality, Washington state has no shortage of towns, buildings, and monuments that are actually haunted. Some places are even haunted by multiple entities or have morbid backstories. From ghost towns and cemeteries to houses and pubs, below are 10 of some of the most haunted places in Washington state.

Monte Cristo Ghost Town

Located in Snohomish County, this ghost town is tucked away inside the Cascade Mountains. The town of Monte Cristo was plagued by wildfires and flooding, mostly due to its location, which caused the town to only be accessible during summertime. Over time, the town became abandoned and the roads fell into disrepair. 

Today, the town is frequented by hikers and adventurers interested in checking out the remaining buildings of what was once a mining town. Like many other former mining towns in Washington state, many have reported several ghosts of dead miners that still reside in the town to this day.

The Oxford Saloon

This Snohomish saloon has been the subject of multiple paranormal investigations. Ghost hunters have even picked up electronic voice phenomena here. Originally built in 1900, the saloon was known for its documented violence in the basement and men’s card room. A policeman named Henry was even murdered here. 

Henry is said to appear on the basement stairs and has been known to pinch women in the ladies’ restroom. He is just one of many ghosts supposedly haunting the walls of the old saloon. The upstairs area is haunted by a man in a bowler hat and 2 female spirits.

Kell’s Irish Pub

Alibi Room Seattle

Formerly known as the Butterworth Building, today the building serves as a popular Irish bar. Not only is this pub one of the most haunted places in Washington state, but it is also considered one of the most haunted pubs in the entire country. It has even been featured on multiple TV shows.

This popular pub was originally a mortuary with a great number of bodies having passed through it due to epidemics, mining accidents, and violent crimes. Some were even victims of other haunted locations in the state, including the Starvation Heights Sanitarium. The bar’s owner claims to see an apparition of a man in a suit jacket sitting at the end of the bar. Other reports include mirrors suddenly shattering for no reason, plaster falling off of walls, glasses being swiped off of surfaces, and disembodied voices.

Mount Baker Theatre

Opened in 1927, the gorgeous Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham has supposedly been haunted ever since its opening. The theatre has been the focus of several paranormal investigations and has a total of 4 different ghosts living on the premises. 

Throughout the years, guests and ghost hunters have reported unexplained noises, cold spots, disembodied voices, balls of light, and apparitions. One of the most common apparitions is the spirit of a woman named Judy who is known to call out the names of certain projectionists and ushers that she likes from across the stage. Others have even reported feeling strange touches on their backs and shoulders from Judy.

The Campbell House

Built in 1898, the Campbell House is a well-known historical site in Spokane, Washington. Unfortunately, not long after the Campbell family moved in, 3 of their children were killed by a burglar. The burglar also kidnapped the Campbell family’s 4th child. The only living child of the Campbells was never returned or found and the culprit was never apprehended.

Today, visitors say the house causes immediate discomfort, uneasiness, and overwhelming dread upon entering it. It is also said that the portrait of the house’s original owner, Amasa Basaliel Campbell, has eyes that follow visitors wherever they go in the house.

Greenwood Cemetery

It comes as no surprise that a cemetery is a hotspot for hauntings. However, Greenwood Cemetery is most famous for its staircase. Located in Spokane, the staircase has been dubbed “The 1000 Steps” despite it only being 60 steps tall. It is said that those who attempt to climb the stairs will never reach the top, tiring out and being overwhelmed by the disembodied shrieks and cries of the dead.

It is also said that if visitors make it to the top of the stairs without a light, faces of men, women, and children buried at the cemetery will appear when they reach the top. Some have even reported the feeling of rain on their skin while on the stairs even if the weather is clear. Today, the stairs originally functioned as an access point for the cemetery but have since been left in disarray due to renovations. 

Northern State Mental Hospital

Located just outside of Sedro-Woolley, this historic hospital campus is no stranger to hauntings. At one point, up to 2,000 patients resided here, many of whom died at the hospital. Some deaths were due to natural causes but most were caused by complications or mistakes in electroshock therapy, lobotomies, and forced sterilization. Some patients were even murdered on the premises.

Only a handful of patients have graves and not all of them have markers. Those that do only have a patient number or patient’s initials. Given the circumstances, it isn’t surprising that many visitors have experienced strange phenomena including disembodied voices, shadowy figures, and cold spots. One particular apparition is commonly found here: a nurse pushing a male patient around in a wheelchair.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Watch Tower looking over Fort Vancouver (Image Source: Shutterstock/ Zack Frank)

Originally built as a fur trading post, this post served as the foundation for what is now the city of Vancouver. Located on the Columbia River, the site has multiple buildings known for paranormal activity. The most active building is the Grant House Art Center located in the Officers’ Row.

Most of the activity consists of phones ringing despite being unplugged and nonfunctional or doors opening and closing on their own. The site has one ghost that goes by Sully, who is known for hanging out in the cafe area.

Black Diamond Cemetery

Located in Black Diamond, this cemetery is considered one of the most haunted places in the entire state and has been drawing in thrill seekers and ghost hunters for quite some time. One of the most common paranormal experiences here is the sound of disembodied voices, including whistling sounds, even when no one else is around.

Perhaps the spookiest aspect of this cemetery is the reports of apparitions. Visitors have reported seeing ghostly figures and swinging lanterns of dead coal miners on foggy nights. This is only made creepier by the fact that the majority of 1,200 graves in the cemetery are immigrant miners, including 8 miners who died in the Lawson Mine explosion in 1910.

Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort

The gorgeous oceanfront views of the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort in Long Beach does not immediately bring to mind ghosts and hauntings. However, this particular resort is not only known to be active with paranormal activity but is actually a popular place for thrill seekers and ghost hunters to visit. The entire hotel is said to be haunted but the most activity happens in rooms 101 and 105.

The hotel is still open to the public and guests are welcome to document their strange experiences. Rooms 101 and 105 even have their own journals in them for guests to use. Reports have included furniture rearranging themselves, TVs turning on and off, rocking chairs rocking by themselves, and disembodied whispering in guest’s ears.

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