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The Best Restaurants at Seatac Airport – From Quick Bites to Sit Down

The Best Restaurants at Seatac Airport – From Quick Bites to Sit Down

Post created September 8, 2023

This guide to the best restaurants at Seatac Airport will help you decide where to eat when you’re here for the long haul. Most people don’t look forward to airport food, and almost no one expects it to be amazing. But sometimes you have no choice but to grab a bite to eat at the airport. 

Perhaps you have a long layover. Maybe you’ve arrived early and want a decent meal before you’re in the air.  Whatever your situation, there’s no need to guess what the best Seatac Airport restaurants are. This guide will lead you straight to them!

The restaurants are all broken down by terminal, so you can grab a bite to eat at whichever is closest to you. Here are 17 solid options!

The Best Restaurants at Seatac Airport

Terminal A

Floret by Cafe Flora

(Image Credit: Floret Cafe)

Floret is a small branch of the popular Cafe Flora restaurant in Seattle. It has vegetarian and vegan-friendly food and even some gluten-free options. This means it’s a perfect restaurant for people with dietary restrictions. Sit down at a table or order coffee and pastries for takeaway from the counter. 

This is by far one of the best restaurants in this terminal and the airport as a whole. The black bean burger, French dip, and sweet potato fries are particularly delicious. The food here is so delicious, in fact, that you may think that a restaurant like this has no business being in an airport (but you’ll be glad it is).

Lady Yum

Macarons at Lady Yum, Kirkland (Image Credit: Seattle Travel)

Lady Yum is another great Seattle-based restaurant that you’ll be delighted to find in the airport. This dessert shop is known for its macarons. If you have a sweet tooth, satisfy it here. Some of the delicious macaron flavors include raspberry chardonnay, toffee, and honey lavender. My favorite is the toasted coconut. You’ll leave happy no matter which flavor you opt for!

Africa Lounge

Sambusas, plantains, and a salmon fillet over Jollof rice are some of the tasty offerings you can expect at Africa Lounge. This sit-down restaurant is a good choice if you have a few hours to kill in the airport and want a proper meal. In addition to any of the above choices, Africa Lounge also has some Americanized options. These include bagel sandwiches and omelets for breakfast or chicken wings and Caesar salad for lunch.

Terminal B

Lou Lou Market & Bar

Lou Lou Market is a French-inspired restaurant in Seatac Airport. Expect relatively light food options like sandwiches, salads, quiches, and small snacks. Order a croissant sandwich, veggie quiche, or classic Nicoise salad. If you’re craving something sweet, Lou Lou Market serves dessert crepes and other sweet pastries too.

Mi Casa Cantina

Mi Casa Cantina is another delicious option in Terminal B. Come here for Latin-inspired food like nachos with your choice of meat or hearty bowl meals. Try the barbacoa chipotle bowl with black beans, queso fresco, and cilantro lime rice. Or go for the pollo ranchero bowl with well-seasoned chicken that will fill you right up.

Rel’Lish Burger Lounge

Come to Rel’Lish Burger Lounge if you’re looking for a spot serving burgers and fries that’s better than the standard fast food options. The burgers here are meaty and delicious. Order the Rel’Lish Burger, which is elevated with the restaurant’s signature sauce. Or try its Brunchin’ Burger for a unique and tasty breakfast burger. The fried Tillamook cheese curds and the tempera green beans are both solid choices if you’re searching for a little snack instead of a big meal.

Terminal C

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s Mac & Cheese at Pike Place Market (Image Credit: Seattle Travel)

One of the nice things about being in Terminal C is that you’re near Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. This is one of the most highly-rated Seatac Airport restaurants. Cheese lovers will enjoy its classic grilled cheese and the positively indulgent mac and cheese. This location also has salads and soups along with plenty of cheese and other made-in-Seattle items you can take home as souvenirs.


Hachi-Ko is a good option if you’re craving Asian food. It has a variety of teriyaki and katsu bowls. There are even other delicious classics like fried rice, sushi rolls, and spam musubi. Hachi-Ko also does a great breakfast. Both the spam, egg, and rice dish, and the Hawaiian bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich are delicious. 

Dish D’Lish

Dish D’Lish has healthy grab-and-go options for people eating in Terminal C. Come here to get your greens! The menu features a variety of sandwiches like turkey and tuna, as well as big and hearty salads. This is a good spot to pick up some snacks to enjoy on your flight as well. Purchase chips, parfaits, olives, nuts, muffins, and more.

Terminal D

Ballard Brew Hall

Ballard Brew Hall is the place to go if you’re looking for a beer hall food and drink experience in the Seatac Airport. Here, you’ll find a variety of pub-grub food like its popular fish and chips, truffle salt fries, and chicken tenders. Choose from draft beer, canned beer, or cider and seltzer to quench your thirst. 

Poke to the Max

Craving some tasty Hawaiian food? Head to Poke to the Max to peruse a menu of poke salad, rice bowls, and sandwiches. Ahi tuna, salmon, and tofu are its specialties. Grab a loco moco rice plate, spam musubi, and macaroni salad for some other favorites. Don’t skip the sweets either! Ice cream options include refreshing passionfruit, pineapple, and toasted coconut.

Terminal N

Bambuza Vietnam

Bambuza Vietnam is one of the top restaurant options in Terminal N, a terminal that’s detached from the main part of the airport. It has great Vietnamese classics like pho, Banh Mis, and delicious spring rolls. There are some breakfast options like bagel sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit too. Bambuza is a good spot for a take-away or sit-down meal.


Skillet is a popular brunch restaurant in Seattle and its Seatac Airport location has some of the restaurant’s specialties. Order the chicken and waffles (a favorite!) or an avocado breakfast burrito for a surprisingly yummy airport brunch meal. Skillet also serves salads, sammies, and a few burgers for afternoon or evening meals.

Terminal S

Dungeness Bay Seafood

Food options are limited in the small Terminal S, but you can usually find something good to eat at Dungeness Bay Seafood. The menu at Dungeness Bay Seafood isn’t huge, but it’s surprisingly varied. Order items like calamari, clam chowder, grilled shrimp salad, and seafood platters. If you’re not feeling seafood, they have a range of other items like burgers and even noodle bowls.

Central Terminal


There are quite a few options for people dining in the Central Terminal, but the best healthy option is Evergreens. This healthy restaurant in Seatac Airport has delicious and customizable grain bowls, salads, wraps, and more. For breakfast, enjoy a satisfying bowl of steel-cut oats or yogurt and granola. The prices here are reasonable (for an airport anyway), and the large portions mean you won’t be hungry again for a few hours after eating. 

Lucky Louie Fish Shack

Lucky Louie is another good choice in the Central Terminal. This spot has all the seafood options you could want. Order the classic fish and chips, a bowl of clam chowder, or a tasty fish sandwich. Options for non-seafood fans include most of the breakfast sandwich offerings, as well as chicken tenders and fries. If you want a sweet treat, order the cheesecake-filled waffle fish with chocolate, caramel, or another dipping sauce. 

Brewtop Social

Brewtop Social is a great spot for tasty beer, decent food, and, surprisingly, good views. This restaurant is elevated above the rest of the Central Terminal food court and right next to a wall of large windows. You can watch planes take off on the tarmac or watch all the activity going on in the food court below. Order great beers from local Seattle breweries like Georgetown Brewing and Rueben’s Brews. Food options are typical pub-style eats: burgers, mac and cheese, flatbreads, and pretzel twists.

This is just a small list, but it should give you a good idea of where to eat at Seatac Airport. The next time you find yourself in the airport for a few hours, give these Seatac Airport restaurants a try!

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