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The 7 Best Sushi Restaurants in Tacoma

The 7 Best Sushi Restaurants in Tacoma

Post last updated September 4, 2023

Sushi may have originated in Japan, but it has become a staple part of Tacoma’s culinary offerings. Since the first sushi restaurant opened in the mid-1980s, the vibrant port city has become home to a growing number of Japanese-inspired eateries that serve some of the area’s best seafood in delicious, bite-sized servings.  

These days, sushi restaurant options range from take-out to fine dining, with many serving fresh takes on classic preparations. From the hills to the shorelines, the following seven best sushi restaurants in Tacoma bring bright colors, delectable combinations, and Japanese cuisine to the city.

Sake Sushi and Grill

5738 N. 26th St. #5A, Tacoma, WA 98407

Sake Sushi and Grill is a little restaurant with a lot to offer. What was once a simple teriyaki restaurant has evolved into a cozy sushi spot with a large menu of house-made dishes. The row of windows and strip-mall location give this eatery a divey feel at first glance, though the yellow walls and decorative elements bring a cozy and sophisticated ambiance to the interior.

Although this Tacoma sushi restaurant is not ideal for large parties, it’s an excellent stop for a casual meal when the craving for sushi hits. Dinners will enjoy fresh ingredients and friendly service at this family-owned and -run neighborhood restaurant in north Tacoma. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, but is open every other day of the week for lunch and dinner.

Start with appetizers like the 5-piece Crab Rangoon or the crispy Egg Rolls, and enjoy your choice of sake, beer, or wine to pair with your meal. Popular entrees include the beautifully arranged Orange Blossom Roll and the adequately named Tacoma Roll, as well as Tofu Yakisoba, Chicken Stir Fry, and Chicken Katsu Donburi.  

Flying Sushi

Flying Sushi (Image Credit: Flying Sushi)

5719 N 26th St, Tacoma, WA 98407

You may have guessed by the name that this restaurant revolves around seafood. While they offer a large selection of sushi – including nigiri, sashimi, temaki, and other specialty rolls – this restaurant also carries an assortment of other Japanese and Korean dishes to ensure something for every taste. 

The few decorative elements in the simple, yet modern interior allow each plate to take center stage. Popular dishes include the West Coast Roll and the Tamago, while the Bento Boxes are ideal for those who can’t decide.  Soft drinks and appetizers like Shumai and Softshell Crab are also available, and they’re open daily for dine-in or take-out. 

Nari Sushi & Steak 

Nari Sushi & Steak (Image Credit: Nari Sushi & Steak)

2009 Mildred St., Tacoma, WA 98466

What was formerly known as Shogun Japanese Express is now Nari Sushi & Steak. This casual Asian-fusion restaurant boasts a large selection of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, as well as primarily Japanese-inspired hot entrees such as teppanyaki and hibachi-cooked dishes. 

Both the exterior and interior of the restaurant are simple, yet clean and comfortable, while the presentation of the food is picture-perfect. Popular dishes include the Cherry Blossom and Spicy Salmon Rolls, while sushi combos are perfect for those who can’t pick just one. The selection of deep-fried rolls also brings an additional savory layer to an already flavor-packed entrée and is great for days when you want to indulge.

Nari Sushi & Steak is open daily for lunch and dinner. Lunch specials that include sushi, hibachi, and udon entrees, and kid’s bento boxes are available throughout the day for dine-in customers. 


3923 S 12th St Tacoma, WA 98405

This Japanese steakhouse offers two crowd favorites – deliciously arranged sushi and a hot hibachi grill. The dining experience is unique for the Tacoma area, and they’re open daily for lunch and dinner. 

The minimal decorative elements in the spacious interior dining area places focus on the exposed wooden beams and the colorful sushi rolls. Hibachi-cooked dinners are also an attraction, complete with tableside service and a show of dancing flames. 

Those coming for lunch can enjoy a selection of specials like sushi roll combos and bento boxes. Popular specials include the Seattle Roll + 2pc Spring Rolls and the Yummy Yummy Roll, while bento boxes come with a choice of sushi or entrée, steamed rice, salad, a spring roll, and 4-piece tempura. 

Dine-in customers get to enjoy a cup of hot miso soup to enjoy before their meal, while take-out is also available for entrees. The deep-fried and baked sushi rolls offer a uniquely indulgent take on some of the most popular sushi roll combinations. Sashimi and Nigiri are also available, with combo options offering an assortment of flavors. 

Hibachi dinners are a bit more expensive and only available in the evenings, but they’re a fun experience for groups and celebrations and a tasty alternative for those who don’t want sushi. Enjoy combinations such as Lobster & Steak, Filet Mignon and Calamari, or Mahi Mahi & Scallop. Other warm entrées include teriyaki dishes with rice and salad, donburi, fried rice, yakisoba, hot stone pot dishes with mixed veggies, and tempura dinners. 

THEKOI Japanese Cuisine

1552 Commerce St Ste 100 Tacoma, WA 98402

This Sushi and Sake Bar offers high-end Japanese cuisine with daily specials and a space for every occasion. Voted the best sushi of the South Sound in both 2021 and 2022, this Tacoma sushi restaurant scores high for food and atmosphere. 

Decorative elements like the hanging basket lamps and vibrant foliage create an elegant atmosphere in the sleek and open dining space. Large glass windows also let in ample sunlight during the day while allowing the lighting to add a modern look to the historic outer façade in the evenings. 

The sushi menu at TheKoi includes two pages of rolls and another page that’s filled with nigiri and sashimi entrees. Popular rolls include the flaming Volcano Lobster Roll with Alaskan snow crab, shrimp tempura, lobster tail meat, masago, green onion, sweet chili aioli, and a sweet soy glaze, as well as the crispy fried Las Vegas Roll with salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and sweet chili aioli. Although they specialize in sushi and sake, they also offer several other dishes as well, including teriyaki, ramen donburi, and bento boxes. 

Weekday diners will enjoy some great deals, with lunch specials being followed by a happy hour that discounts drinks, sushi, and appetizers. Reservations are recommended and can easily be made by phone or on their website, and private banquet rooms for up to 22 people can also be booked for meetings or parties. 

Zen Ramen & Sushi Burrito

322 Tacoma Ave S Tacoma, WA 98402

Zen Ramen offers quality Japanese cuisine in a fun take on a traditional setting. Anime fans will enjoy the comic-style artwork adorning the walls, and anyone looking for variety will delight in the numerous traditional and Japanese-fusion options. The menu includes the house favorite Sushi Burrito, as well as ramen, poke bowls, and sake. 

As a locally owned business, Zen Ramen & Sushi Burrito prides itself on providing the best for its customers. Both of their Tacoma locations feature largely wooden interiors that draw inspiration from traditional Japanese restaurants, while the decorative artwork brings life to the playfulness of this modernized take on an old culture. 

The menus match the playful atmosphere with a modern take on sushi. The Sushi Burrito – a  giant sushi roll made with sushi rice, seaweed, and your choice of filling, then wrapped up like a burrito –  is a must-try option. The PLU Sushi Burrito is popular with its soy crepe wrap, while the Firecracker Sushi Burrito has the perfect blend of fried ingredients and spice. 

Warm dishes like the popular Tonkotsu Chicken Ramen and the Pork Bun are also available and make a delicious dinner on those rainy Tacoma days. The poke bowl options also present fish and protein options in another combination, while cold sake pairs perfectly with any dish when dining in. 

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant

1125 Court C Ste 1, Tacoma, WA 98402

Fujiya is a classy Japanese restaurant serving sushi, sake, and traditional Japanese entrees. In business since 1984, Fujiya was the first sushi restaurant to open in Tacoma and has been striving to meet high standards of quality with both its food and service ever since it opened its doors. Whether you’re looking for a small bite to take out or a night out with drinks and dinner, Fujiya is a cozy neighborhood destination that can cater to all appetites.

Entering from C street, guests will find a humble façade enclosing a cozy interior. Lantern-style hanging lamps create an inviting ambiance, while the multiple stained-glass windows add decorative elements to the sleek design style. 

The menu includes sushi and maki sushi served a la carte, as well as separate lunch and dinner menus featuring an assortment of donburi, noodles, desserts, and hot entrees. There’s even a sushi bar, where diners can watch Chef Juan prepare colorful dishes like the popular Sashimi Plate and Spider Maki Roll. 

Fujiya Japanese Restaurant is open for lunch Mon-Fri from 11 AM-2 PM, while dinner is available Mon-Thursday from 5-9 PM, Friday from 5-10 PM, and Saturday from 4-10 PM. Take-out is also available, as is outdoor seating for those sunny summer days.  

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