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The 15 Best Restaurants in Port Orchard From Amazing Breakfasts to Tasty Seafood

The 15 Best Restaurants in Port Orchard From Amazing Breakfasts to Tasty Seafood

Post last updated September 4, 2023

Port Orchard has some awesome restaurants! It’s not the biggest city, but you’ll dine well on a trip here. 

Enjoy breakfast and brunch at classic diners and grab fluffy donuts and handmade chocolates at popular bakeries. Sip wine, cocktails, and whiskey at unique bars with great patios and waterfront views. Eat at cozy restaurants with flavorful meals served by attentive and welcoming waitstaff. 

Whether you’re looking for pub grub or something innovative, there’s a Port Orchard restaurant to suit your tastes. Here are 15 restaurants in Port Orchard to add to your list!

The 15 Best Restaurants in Port Orchard

Here’s our list of the best 15 restaurants in Port Orchard, as vetted by our team of local writers:

  1. Holy Water a Heavenly Lounge
  2. Whiskey Gulch CoffeePub
  3. The Dock Bar and Eatery
  4. Uncle Dave’s Cafe
  5. Bay Street Bistro
  6. Taqueria El Rey
  7. Port Orchard Pub
  8. Lone Star Donuts
  9. That One Place Port Orchard
  10. Damn Fine Pizza 
  11. Carter and Company
  12. Peninsula BevCo
  13. King’s Fish and Chips
  14. Cosmo’s Ristorante & Delicatessen
  15. Everybody’s

Holy Water a Heavenly Lounge

Tapas and a mimosa flight from Holy Water A Heavenly Lounge (Image Credit:

Holy Water A Heavenly Lounge is one of the best things to do in Port Orchard and one of the best restaurants. This unique church-turned-wine bar is cozy and has an irresistible patio for lounging on nice days. Keep in mind, this restaurant is for people 21 and over only.

Come during brunch for delicious, homestyle favorites like stuffed biscuits and country-fried steak. The lunch menu consists of tasty sandwiches, generous charcuterie boards, and a solid selection of tapas. We thoroughly enjoyed the deviled eggs and the olive tapenade served with super soft brie cheese and crunchy bread on our visit.

Don’t forget the drinks! Choose from delicious mimosa flights (pineapple mimosa anyone?) to sangria and tons of great red and white wines. You’ll easily find something to love. 

Whiskey Gulch CoffeePub

Go to Whiskey Gulch CoffeePub for fantastic water views and stay for the equally amazing food and drinks. This cafe-meets-whiskey bar is one of Port Orchard’s best restaurants. Some of its best foods include seafood stuffed mushrooms, succulent ahi tuna tacos, and creamy, loaded clam chowder.

I also recommend coming here if you’re craving a good “fancy” burger. Order the “Luau” which has ground chicken, grilled spam, and pineapple. Or try the “After School Special” with crispy bacon, blackberry chipotle, and creamy peanut butter. Of course, make sure you get your burger with a side of tots.

If you come to Whiskey Gulch CoffeePub in the early afternoon, you can enjoy brunch and delicious fresh brewed coffee. Come in the evening to sample coffee cocktails or take advantage of the extensive whiskey offerings.

The Dock Bar and Eatery

You won’t want to leave before playing a game of chess (Image Credit:

The Dock Bar and Eatery is in the heart of downtown Port Orchard in a building with several other great businesses. The open-air space makes Dock Bar and Eatery fun for casual meals and gatherings. There’s even a giant chess board you can play before or after you eat.

Order something from the extensive tap list of local beers, or check the menu for a rotation of unique cocktail creations. For food, expect delicious seafood favorites like fish and chips, clam chowder, and fried oysters. You can’t go wrong with the shrimp, cod, or ahi tuna tacos either. 

For a more traditional lunch, order some of the sandwiches. Try all sorts of favorites like a ‘Po Boy, BLT, Banh Mi, and more.

Uncle Dave’s Cafe

People who love classic American diner food will enjoy a meal at Uncle Dave’s Cafe. This Port Orchard restaurant has won multiple awards for having the best breakfast and brunch in South Kitsap County.

Its best dish is biscuits and gravy. Needless to say, this is one menu item you don’t want to miss. The biscuits are large and fluffy, and the gravy is thick and flavorful.

Uncle Dave’s Cafe has plenty of other popular, and affordable, breakfast options. We’re partial to the scrambles and hashes. Indulge in a corned beef hash, a delicious ham and egg scramble, or mix it up with a spicy taco scramble. 

Bay Street Bistro

Bay Street Bistro is perfect for a dinner date. With a cozy brick-walled interior, mood lighting, and attentive staff, it’s got all the right ingredients for romance. The food is prettily plated and tasty too, matching the vibe seamlessly.

Bay Street Bistro has good cocktails and solid wines. Ask your server for something that will pair well with the meal. Try delightful concoctions like beef bourguignon, goat cheese ravioli, and fresh-caught halibut. For a special treat, come on the weekend when there’s live music played on the restaurant’s piano.

Taqueria El Rey

Taqueria El Rey is the one-stop shop for tacos, burritos, tortas, and enchiladas. This delightful little restaurant is a permanently stationed food truck in South Port Orchard. It’s a bit out of the way, but you’ll reap the rewards if you make a trek out here. 

Grab your food for takeaway, or enjoy it hot and fresh at one of the tables near the truck. The adobada and lengua tacos get rave reviews. The meats are perfectly seasoned and the hot sauces they’re served with are delicious (and spicy!). For another treat, I recommend getting the carne asada fries, which are generously loaded and super filling.

Port Orchard Pub

Port Orchard Pub is a dive bar with reasonably priced food and drinks, friendly bartenders, and a laid-back atmosphere. This isn’t the fanciest place to grab a meal in Port Orchard, but it’s a great spot to hang with the locals and play a game of pool, shuffleboard, or bingo.

The menu has constantly rotating specials, so you can try a variety of tasty items when visiting. Some of the best include BBQ brisket sandwiches, steak dinners, and tacos. On weekend mornings, head to the pub for breakfast and mimosas.

Lone Star Donuts

Lone Star Donuts is one of the most popular donut shops in Port Orchard. It’s a local favorite because the donuts are delicious and come in many unique flavors. Try banana split, dulce de leche, or cereal-topped donuts. You can also keep things traditional and order a standard glazed donut or one that’s frosted and topped with sprinkles. The majority of Lone Star’s donuts are raised, so if your preferred donut is the light and pillowy kind, then this is the place to go. 

That One Place Port Orchard

Head to That One Place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant’s clever name ought to be enough to capture your interest. This diner is a no-frills spot that makes excellent food. 

For breakfast, give the “over-the-top” pancake a try. It’s one of the restaurant’s most popular offerings, and it’s earned its name. The fluffy buttermilk pancake is about the size of your head and will easily satisfy your pancake cravings. Choose a waffle sammie for something unique or go with the choose-your-style eggs benedict for a savory option. 

For lunch order classic burgers and sandwiches. Do yourself a favor and order the pot roast for dinner if you want something warm, filling, and reminiscent of a lovingly home-cooked meal.

Damn Fine Pizza 

Damn Fine Pizza has certainly been living up to its name. It’s a new Port Orchard restaurant that every pizza lover should check out. 

The pizzas have a thin and crispy homemade crust and flavorful sauce. The toppings only elevate the pies. Get a tasty, classic margherita pizza, or try another with bacon, pineapple, and hot honey. 

In addition to pizzas, the restaurant has fun cocktails, and stocks wine that pairs well with the pies. Finally, Damn Fine Pizza is located right on the water, overlooking Puget Sound. It’s a damn fine view to go with damn fine pizza.

Carter and Company

Expect to leave happy after a visit to Carter and Company. It’s the self-proclaimed “happiest place in town,” and its treats are definite mood lifters. 

This bakery in downtown Port Orchard has all sorts of desserts and sweet treats to keep anyone with a sugar craving happy. Come here for delicious chocolate truffles, ice cream, decadent cheesecake, and a ton more. There’s room to enjoy your treats in the store, or you can take them to go and devour them at the nearby waterfront park.

Peninsula BevCo

Downtown Port Orchard’s Peninsula BevCo is a great spot for good beer, yummy food, and mingling with friendly locals. The restaurant has tons of local beers on tap, featuring many selections from award-winning breweries. 

Come for brunch, dinner, or a midday snack. The food options are fun, innovative, and plentiful. One popular breakfast is the Banh Mi Benedict. Or grab a buttermilk waffle with crushed Oreos and peanut butter stout sauce. Consider the dangerously addictive and filling potato “nachos.”

Lunch and dinner options are great too. The BBQ mac and cheese flatbread, the Cuban sandwich, and the sweet chili prawn tacos will blow you (and your tastebuds) away.

King’s Fish and Chips

Fresh deep fried Fish and Chips (Image Credit: iStock / SGAPhoto)

Come to King’s Fish and Chips for some of the best fish and chips in the city. Enjoy thick and crispy breaded fish. Choose from classic Alaskan cod, catfish, and halibut. The portion of fries you’ll get with your meal is generous.

The unassuming restaurant also serves an eclectic mix of other food. Craving teriyaki? Char-broiled burgers? King’s Fish and Chips has both of these. While fish and chips are the most popular thing to order, you won’t be disappointed with the teriyaki, gyoza, or curry. The burgers are also meaty, juicy, and filling.

Cosmo’s Ristorante & Delicatessen

Go to Cosmo’s Ristorante & Delicatessen to get your Italian food fix in Port Orchard! You’ll be served a high-quality meal here whether you want a quick bite or a leisurely sit-down meal.

Cosmo’s serves incredible sandwiches, one of its specialties. Enjoy a delicious pastrami, ham and cheese, or hot meatball sandwich among many other options. The salads are delightfully fresh, and the pasta is pretty near perfection. 

The restaurant is intimate and cozy and the service is outstanding. Make sure on any visit that you take a peek at what they have at the deli counter. Buy meats, fresh cheeses, and scrumptious Italian cookies. Or grab an espresso and some gelato for a tasty post-meal treat.

Everybody’s Cookhouse

Let’s close our list with a great burger joint! We discovered Everybody’s by looking for local suggestions for the best burger joint in Port Orchard. And let us tell you, it didn’t disappoint! Sides include items like gravy fries, wings, and tater skins, but the highlight is their fire-grilled burger bar.

If you’re ordering just one item, get the bacon jam burger. It has Everybody’s signature bacon jam on a 1/3 pound burger and it’s extremely tasty. If you’re not looking for a burger, Everybody’s also has salads, sandwiches, and entrees like ribeye and sirloin steaks.

All of these Port Orchard restaurants are wonderful places to eat if you’re spending time in this quaint waterfront city. Whether you’re craving a delectable brunch or delicious seafood, these spots will easily satisfy your cravings.

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