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The Ultimate Guide to Seattle Hot Tub Boats: Cost, Where to Rent, and More!

The Ultimate Guide to Seattle Hot Tub Boats: Cost, Where to Rent, and More!

Post last updated July 19, 2023

With summer officially here, it is time for locals and tourists to soak up the beautiful but brief sunny season in Seattle. One new but unique venture people can try out during the summer is hot tub boats: a fun, relaxing way to spend time with friends and loved ones while soaking up the sun and enjoying the waters and scenery of Seattle’s Lake Union.

Although the concept of a hot tub boat is new to the area, its appeal has made it increasingly popular as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. Below is a breakdown of what a hot tub boat is, how much they cost, where to rent them, and more.

What Are Hot Tub Boats?

A hot tub boat small motorized boat with a hot tub in the center. The boats are designed to be slow-moving, with a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, and come with a joystick for driving purposes. Every hot tub boat has an onboard heating system that can be easily adjusted to suit guests’ personal preferences.

The purpose of a hot tub boat is to provide a comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy the local scenery. Guests can soak in the warm water as they float along the water, all with their hot tub’s temperature and their boat’s direction and speed easily controlled within the boat itself.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Hot Tub Boats in Seattle?

Renting a hot tub boat typically costs about $400 for 2 hours of usage. Some places have an additional rental fee of $50 on Friday nights and weekends. Depending on the place, rentals for special events and holidays, such as the Fourth of July, will have a higher rental price, typically around $550 for 2 hours of usage.

Is It Possible to Purchase a Hot Tub Boat in Seattle?

Some hot tub boat rental places have an option to purchase a hot tub boat. However, there is not a place to exclusively shop for a hot tub boat in Seattle at this time. The only way to determine a price is to contact hot tub rental places that are open to purchases. They can provide an accurate estimate on pricing, as well as information about any available customization options.

Where To Rent Hot Tub Boats in Seattle

Currently, the only area to rent hot tub boats is Lake Union in Seattle. Although there are multiple rental places and services on Lake Union itself, the areas to rent hot tub boats are limited to Lake Union only.

Hot Tub Boat Rental Services in Seattle

There are two hot tub rental services in Seattle as of 2023: Hot Tub Boats and Lake Union Hot Tub Boats. Both services offer rental hot tub boats for $400 for 2 hours of usage, with some minor differences in pricing for holidays and weekends. Below are specific details about each hot tub rental service.

Hot Tub Boats

Located in Lake Union on Westlake Ave N, Hot Tub Boats Seattle operates out of an old boathouse that has been repurposed into a facility complete with bathrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and shower stations. Their hot tub boats are available for rental year round.

All guests need to do upon arrival is check in, get changed into swimwear, and learn how to drive the boat before setting off to explore Lake Union. Safety and driving instructions will be provided before the rental timeslot begins. Guests are then free to explore Lake Union for the next 2 hours. Upon return, showers are provided, including soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. 

A 2 hour rental timeslot costs $400. The only time prices change are during holidays, such as Fourth of July, during which prices increase to $550 for a 2 hour rental timeslot. Each boat is handcrafted in Ballard and includes a navigation joystick, onboard storage, and continuous heating system with a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The boats also have LED lighting on the boat’s exterior and within the hot tub itself, as well as bluetooth speakers.

Guests can make rental reservations on the company’s website. Each boat can fit up to 6 people, including children. Guests can bring food with them if they so choose. Pets and alcohol are not allowed on boats and appropriate clothing coverage is required while renting the boats. The boats can be driven by anyone as long as they are 18 years old or older.

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats

Located just off of I-5 in Northlake, Lake Union Hot Tub Boats sits at the northernmost part of Lake Union near Gasworks Park. They currently have the largest fleet of hot tub boats in the country and are the first wood-fired hot tub boat rental service. They have free parking for guests, as well as restrooms and changing facilities. Their boats can be rented year round, including weekends and holidays.

Guests can use changing rooms upon arrival. Dry-storage is available if guests want to stow anything before getting on the boat. Once everyone is on the boat, a brief safety and steering overview will be given. Guests will then be free to drive all over Lake Union for the next 2 hours.

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats has a total of 12 hot tub boats available for rental. Hot tub boats are available for 2 hour time slots. Weekday rentals cost $400 while weekend rentals cost $450. Guests can book multiple hot tub boats if they so choose. Each boat comes with a storage area for food and drinks, a navigation tiller, and a wood-fired heater that uses logs of recycled wood.

Each boat fits up to 6 people. Parties of larger than 6 can rent multiple boats as needed. Kids are welcome but pets are not allowed. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, including alcohol. Boats are cleaned between every rental and come with life jackets, a bluetooth speaker, waterproof phone cases, and towels.

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