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The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants on the Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond)

The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants on the Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond)

Post last updated September 4, 2023

Seattle isn’t the only spot with romantic restaurants. The Eastside has plenty to offer. Whether it’s for a date night, anniversary, or celebrating a special occasion with your loved one, there are plenty of restaurants to suit your needs. 

Let’s dive into some of the most romantic restaurants on the Eastisde

The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants on the Eastside:

  2. Bis on Main
  3. Cafe Juanita
  4. Blu Sardinia
  5. The Melting Pot
  6. Anthony’s HomePort
  7. Carmines


COMO USA In Kirkland
COMO is known for its clams, pizza, and other Italian entrees

Address: 1270 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033

Located in Downtown Kirkland at Carillon Point, COMO is named after the iconic lake destination in Italy known for stunning scenic beauty, mountain vistas, and lakeside residences. As you might have already guessed, COMO is an Italian restaurant. Overlooking the gorgeous Lake Washington, COMO has romance written all over it. The views of Lake Washington, the mountains, and the Seattle skyline never gets old. During the summer season, you can get a table outside right along the waterfront.

SeattleTravel’s Recommendations:

  • A Manhattan cocktail
  • Caprese Salad (with fresh mozzarella and Italian tomatoes)
  • Clams (with Nduja sausage and a vino bianco broth)
  • The Salsiccia Pizza – (mozzarella fresca, cipollini, pomodoro e tutto)
  • The Alba Truffle Pizza – (porchetta fontina and truffle crema)
  • Dungeness crab risotto
  • Tiramisu 

2. Bis on Main

Address: 10213 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004

Take yourself a little south of the hustle and bustle of Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square and you’ll find yourself on Main Street. The locals call this area old Bellevue but there’s nothing old about it. Located right on Main street, I bring you, Bis on Main. You’ll come up to a brick building that is unassuming. Step inside and you’ll notice soft palettes of yellow and earthy tones that make up most of the interior. The space is broken down into multiple different dining rooms and a bar with a white table cloth on top of all their tables.

The focus is on American food and Bis on Main does not fail to deliver. This is a perfect spot for a special night out where you get a small-town feel right in the heart of Downtown Bellevue.

SeattleTravel’s Recommendations:

  • Dungeness Crab Cakes
  • Egg Yolk Ravioli
  • Mixed Organic Greens salad
  • Miso Marinated Black Cod
  • Black Truffle & Mushroom Risotto
  • Molten Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream

3. Cafe Juanita

Address: 9702 NE 120th PL, Kirkland, WA 98034

No, your GPS isn’t wrong. If you find yourself in the suburbs surrounded by homes on your way to your reservation at Cafe Juanita, you’re in the right place. Not exactly what you would expect in terms of location but trust me, you’ll want to make it to your reservation.

Chef Holly Smith is the owner and executive chef at Cafe Juanita. Winning a litany of acclaim and recognition both locally and nationally, Cafe Juanita’s focus is on the cuisine of Northern Italy, and sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients both locally and direct from Italy.

If you receive over-the-top service from the staff, that’s not an accident. Cafe Juanita consistently wins awards and receives media attention for their outstanding service. The service and the warm atmosphere will feel like you’re not a customer, but a guest in Chef Holly Smith’s home.

Cafe Juanita offers a four prix-fixe tasting menus curated for omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegans. There’s also a supplemental menu where you can make additions, substitutions, and create your own meal. This is one restaurant where we’ll have difficulty giving recommendations as the menu is changing frequently so we won’t even try. But there isn’t a single item I’ve had at Cafe Juanita that wasn’t out of this world fantastic.

A few things to note are you’ll want reservations. They rarely accept walk-in guests as there typically is no room for them. If you do make reservations, be sure to show up and show up on time. There are fees that will be charged if you are a no-show, or try to change or cancel the reservation within certain time periods. More information can be found here.

4. Blu Sardinia

Fine Dining
Blue Sardinia offers several classic steak and seafood options (PhaiApirom/Shutterstock)

Address: 8862 161st Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Head on over to the suburb called Redmond and you’ll find a circular-shaped building with large floor-to-ceiling windows. A light blue sign illuminates the windows and for a moment you’re wondering if the light for the letter “e” has burned out. It hasn’t. This is Blu Sardinia. Inspired by the simple flavors and cuisine of Sardinia (an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea), this gem offers yet another romantic venue for our list.

Choose an option sitting at the bar or grab a more classic sit-down table. This is another restaurant that continually rotates their menu as they focus on seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced, as well as imported from Italy.

SeattleTravel’s Recommendations:

  • Pane Rustica – (Wood fired parmesan flatbread, roasted garlic, warm goat cheese, balsamic reduction)
  • Gigante Meatballs – (Veal, pork, and beef combo with a tomato basil sauce)
  • Margherita Pizza – (Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and extra virgin olive oil)
  • Ricotta Gnocchi – (Italian sausage, braised greens with white wine cream)
  • Pesto Prawns Bucatini – (Basil pesto bucatini pasta with prawns, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan cheese)

5. The Melting Pot

Melting Pot Restaurant
Melting Pot is an experience that can be very romantic but also is welcoming for families as well

Address: 302 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

The Melting Pot is located in Downtown Bellevue a few blocks southeast of Lincoln Square. If you’re looking for experiential dining that heightens the mood, The Melting Pot is the choice for you. Sit back and watch as your waiter brings out all the fondue essentials. Go with their “Complete Experience for Two” dining exdperience and get the cheese fondue, salad, entree, and chocolate fondue courses.

For this four course meal, you’ll get your choice of cheese for your cheese fondue that comes with an assortment of breads, meats, and crackers. Your second course is a salad, which is perfect to clean and freshen the palette. The third course is a choice of various proteins or the “Garden Pot” consisting of fresh vegetables. Your waiter will ask which cooking style you’d like to partake in for your third course. Last Valentine’s Day, we went with the “Court Bouillon”, which is a seasoned vegetable broth that we cooked our meats and veggies in. 

Last but certainly not least, the fourth and final course… the chocolate fondue portion. Pick from various chocolate and sweet and savory combinations like crunchy peanut butter, caramel, and dulce de leche. Your waiter will bring you an assortment of sweet treats and freshly cut fruit to dip into your melting pot of deliciousness.

SeattleTravel’s Recommendation:

  • The Complete Experience for Two – Four course meal

6. Anthony’s HomePort

Address: 135 Lake St S, Kirkland, WA 98033

Anthony’s HomePort is located on Lake Washington BLVD overlooking Lake Washington. This waterfront seafood restaurant was founded in 1975 and is the first of many Anthony’s restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Known for their fresh and locally sourced seafood, Anthony’s is the perfect venue for seafood lovers to share an intimate dining experience with a gorgeous waterfront view.

If you’re able, try to get a table right at the window for the best views. If you can’t don’t worry, the high windows throughout the restaurant make it easy to see so you’ll still be getting a great view.

When dining at Anthony’s, I enjoy getting a large spread of small plates as I’d rather have a smaller amount of various seafood. Plus, there’s something about sharing seafood that heightens the dining experience!

SeattleTravel’s Recommendations:

  • Oregon Coast Shrimp Cocktail
  • Northwest Manila Clams – (Steamed in clam nectar with olive oil, garlic, and lemon)
  • Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, and Artichoke Dip – (Served with sourdough bread)
  • Puget Sound Mussels – (With shallots, herbs, and white wine)
  • Northwest Oysters on the Half Shell – (Served with cocktail sauce and mignonette – Be sure to ask the server about the oyster selection)
  • Crispy Panko Wild Alaska True Cod ‘n Chips
  • Fresh Wild Alaska Halibut n’ Chips

7. Carmine’s

Wine Pouring at a Winery
Carmine’s is a classic spot where a romantic bottle of wine can be shared (Ievgenii Meyer/Shutterstock)

Address: 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

We head back to Main Street in old town Bellevue for our final romantic Eastside restaurant recommendation. Carmine’s is the sister restaurant of Il Terrazzo Carmine in Seattle. The Bellevue location brings the same level of quality in food and service without having to navigate the challenges associated with going into Downtown Seattle (traffic and parking).

The interior of Carmines is classic and pristine. Warm wood tones are matched with white table cloth, marble granite, and black trim giving that elegant dining atmosphere. Natural light spills into the room from the tall windows giving the room breath.

SeattleTravel’s Recommendations:

  • Gamberoni Provinciale – (Large prawns sauteed with garlic, white wine, butter, and tomato primavera)
  • Tartaro Di Manzo – (Wagyu tartare with gremolata, fresno pepper, quail egg, and pecorino)
  • Zuppa Di Cavolo – (Cream of cauliflower gratinee)
  • Spaghetti Di Finochio – (House made fennel sausage in a fennel-vodka cream and freshly shaved Grana Padano)
  • Suprema Di Pollo Farcita – (Breast of chicken filled with ricotta spinach and butter sage sauce)
  • Filetto Con Gnocchi – (Prime beef tenderloin with gnocchi, seasonal vegetables, red wine veal demi, pancetta, and pine nuts)
  • Caffe Espresso

** Bonus recommendation: After dinner, walk north one block up 102nd AVE, and across NE 1st street. Welcome to beautiful Bellevue Downtown Park! Enjoy a wonderful after dinner walk. If you’re here during the winter season, there’s even an ice rink for ice skating.

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