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The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Tacoma

The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Tacoma

Post created August 17, 2023

There’s a thriving coffee culture in the Pacific Northwest, and Tacoma is no exception. We have highlighted the best breakfast and brunch already but there are also cozy cafes to hip hangouts in Grit City to get your daily caffeine fix. Whether you’re craving a sweet concoction or a full-bodied brew, these coffee shops offer a variety of options for every palate.

Tacoma is all about supporting local businesses, and many of the Tacoma coffee shops and roasters have become staple features in the city thanks to the support of the community. While some menus change with the season, others keep it tight to highlight their signature flavor. Whichever you prefer, there’s no shortage of shops to get your daily cup of joe. So grab your mug and get ready to explore the 12 best coffee shops in Tacoma. 

12. Café Azure

Café Azure is a cute Tacoma coffee shop located in the historic downtown district. It has everything you could want in a small, family-owned café, including tasty coffee, delectable treats, and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy everything. 

The menu features coffee favorites like the white chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato, as well as teas, Italian sodas, and smoothies. They also have a full breakfast and lunch menu comprised of freshly made sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and pastries. 

Café Azure is open every weekday but closed on weekends. They also offer takeout and delivery, with online ordering available. 

11. Coffee Kitchen

Coffee Kitchen is a cute café with modern décor and a Korean-inspired twist to the menu. Their extended hours make this a great place for students to study, and their assortment of sweet treats will have anyone coming back for more. 

Coffee Kitchen has a clean and cozy space with ample seating and lighting. The coffee bar is open and easily accessible, and the electric fireplace is lovely in the winter.  

Some of the most popular menu items include Bingsoo, an elaborate Korean shaved ice treat, and two types of honey toast. They also serve a full espresso menu, an extensive tea menu, waffles, and sandwiches. 

10. Anthem Coffee and Tea

Anthem Coffee is a popular Tacoma coffee shop with several locations throughout the city. Each location serves handcrafted drinks and freshly baked pastries, as well as a full menu of breakfast and lunch items. They began with a desire to help others, and they aim to create an atmosphere where people will want to spend time and form connections.   

Although Anthem is a family business, they have opened several locations in both Tacoma and Puyallup, including:

  • Downtown Tacoma
  • Point Ruston
  • Tacoma Stadium District
  • Old Town Tacoma
  • Downtown Puyallup
  • Sunrise Medical
  • Sunrise Village

Each Anthem location serves approximately the same extensive menu options, which include everything from seasonal drinks and smoothies to sweet and savory bites. Try the delicious Marbled Cold Brew for an afternoon pick-me-up, and pair it with some avocado toast or a Curry Chicken Sandwich when you need something more filling. 

9. Tacoma Java Company

Tacoma Java Company opened its new location in Tacoma in February 2023 and quickly became a neighborhood favorite. Located in the lively 6th Avenue Business District, this Tacoma coffee shop serves fun and colorful beverages as well as lite dishes and locally made goods. 

The space has a modern-vintage charm with a mix of old-fashioned furnishings and funky contemporary accents. The collection of buttoned armchairs creates a cozy nook by the window, while wood details and red accent walls add a warm touch to offset the exposed beams and piping fixtures. 

There is also no shortage of flavor options at Tacoma Java Co., and their specials change regularly. Along with tasty coffee, you’ll find tea, smoothies, Italian sodas, milkshakes, and small bites on the menu. They also sell various art and goods from local makers, so be sure to check out the growing selection to support local Tacoma businesses. 

8. Cremello Café

Cremello Café brings the elegant old-world charm of Europe to downtown Tacoma. From the lime green walls to the vintage-styled logo and corner piano, this Tacoma coffee shop has an air of grace and charm that will make you want to stop and smell the roses. 

The menu at Cremello Café is simple, yet designed with care and consideration. You’ll find classic espresso drinks made with organic coffee, as well as tasty delicacies like rose syrup. Small bites are also available, including croissant sandwiches and pastries from Macrina Bakery.  

7. Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. 

Olympia Coffee prides itself on sustainability and fair-for-all practices. Their mission is based on improving the quality of life for everyone in the coffee industry, from the farmers who grow the beans to the staff who prepare them and the customers they serve. 

Opened in 2005 as a wholesale coffee roaster, Olympia Coffee has expanded to include a total of six cafes and two roasteries, the latest of which opened in Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood in 2018. They won a number of awards along the way, including several Best of Olympia, Best Coffee awards, and titles in several Barista Competitions. They also practice under their Fair For All guidelines, which include:

  • Better Pay
  • Transparency
  • Living Wage
  • Farm Workers Safety
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Highest Quality 

The Tacoma Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. location has a clean and open feel with lots of natural lighting. The design is reminiscent of a vintage diner, while the décor is simplistic and modern. 

Classic espresso-style drinks, brewed coffee, and pour-overs can be found on the menu, as well as a selection of teas and seasonal specials. House-made syrup and milk alternatives are available, as are a few small bites like sandwiches and quiche. 

6. Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee was born out of a love for the outdoors and that particular taste that comes from roasting coffee over an open fire. The company’s focus is on the community as much as it is on flavor, and the result is a full-bodied cup of coffee that’s made with love and served in an inclusive, outdoor-themed space. 

The large, industrial space is made cozy with camp-themed décor, picnic tables, and string lighting. The seating can accommodate groups of all sizes, and the natural wood tables add an elegant flare to the rugged outdoor vibe.   

As the name implies, Campfire Coffee roasts its beans over an open flame to give them that same smokey taste that’s reminiscent of camping and nature. These beans are then served as drip coffee, cold brew, or nitro cold brew, as well as in an assortment of espresso-based drinks. 

You can choose to sweeten your coffee with your choice of their tasty syrup flavors or choose one of their premade specials like the S’mores Latte. And for something to pair it with, try one of their small bites like the popular Sunrise Breakfast Wrap or the Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

5. Valhalla Coffee Co. 

Valhalla exterior view with sign for the store on the roof of the shop
Image Source: Seattle Travel

This Tacoma coffee shop and roaster is a staple in the city. Started by Tacoma native A.J. Anderson and his passion for coffee, this quirky little shop focuses on quality over quantity and has been serving the community flavorful brews since 2004. 

Anderson’s love for coffee was ignited over 25 years ago when he first worked at Starbucks in the days before their global expansion. Through years of developing his craft, he became fascinated with a hands-on approach to roasting and eventually opened his own roasting company. 

Today, you can still taste the love in the same little red house on 6th Ave. According to Anderson, “Our passion is not for impressing our peers in the industry, but rather impressing our customers.” 

Customers can order a brewed beverage or some beans to take home. A small seating area is also available to enjoy your cup while your nose takes in the luscious smells from the roaster.  

4. Manifesto Coffee

a Cup of water with a cup of espresso on a little wood plate
Image Source: Seattle Travel

Just as there’s a love for coffee in the Grit City, there is a love for rock music, and Manifesto Coffee has managed to merge the two beautifully. From the black and white exterior façade to the vintage décor, this Tacoma coffee shop and roaster has brought the Hilltop neighborhood a dark and smooth atmosphere to match its high-quality beans since 2016. 

The interior is spacious and comfortable with ample seating and an industrial vibe. Wood accents warm the simplistic black and white décor and are complimented by the 25lb San Franciscan coffee roaster gleaming in the corner. 

Manifesto Coffee is first and foremost a coffee roaster, and the focus is on the quality of the coffee above all. Their beans are carefully sourced and freshly roasted, and their menu is kept simple to highlight the flavor of the beans. And although the coffee they use changes, you can always count on sipping organic, fair-trade, and single-origin beans.  

At Manifesto Coffee, they believe in community, and part of that is supporting other local businesses in the area. For that reason, they partner with local cafes and bakeries to provide delicious edible treats. Most of their pastries come from Spilled Butter Desserts, a local Tacoma micro-bakery (that made our best bakeries in Tacoma list), their lemon ricotta pound cake comes from Art House Café, and their delicious sandwiches made with locally-sourced ingredients come from Memoranda Kitchen. 

Coffee beans can be purchased in 12oz or 5lb bags, and Manifesto Coffee merchandise is also available for true fans. 

3. Cosmonaut Coffee Co. 

Cosmonaut Coffee shop wooden back deck with space to stand and drink coffee
Image Source: Seattle Travel

It seems that some spaces possess a character of their own, and this Tacoma café is one of them. Before a group of touring musicians from Seattle turned it into a mixed rock-n-roll hair salon and tattoo shop with a café, this space was both a record store and a different coffee shop. 

Cosmonaut Coffee Co. has been bringing delicious coffee to the Stadium District since 2007, along with a 1960s space theme and a punk-rock vibe. They aim to use and sell products from local businesses whenever possible, and they’re even a member of the Surfrider Foundation. Some of their partners include:

  • Cat and Cloud Coffee
  • Dude’s Donuts 
  • Ellivated Goods
  • Kuan Yin Teas
  • Spilled Butter Desserts
  • Umchu Bars

Their menu includes your standard latte drinks, a selection of specialty teas, and even an ice cream menu. They also have coffee alternatives like the Golden Latte or Mushroom Mocha, and they have small pastries and snacks to eat. 

2. Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

This Tacoma coffee shop and roaster creates and serves small-batch coffee in a welcoming space. The company focuses on sustainable practices and equitable wages, and they pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality beans. 

The café itself is open and spacious, with ample natural light illuminating the space through two walls of windows. Cedar details give the large room a cozy feel while the smell of freshly roasted beans fills the air. 

The menu at Bluebeard Coffee Roasters may not be as elaborate as some others, but the focus is on the flavor of the coffee itself. Standard espresso-based beverages are available, as are some specialty brewing methods like:

  • Hario V60
  • Aeropress
  • Chemex
  • French Press
  • Yama Cold Brew

Brewed tea and chai are also available, as are a few sweet add-ins and milk alternatives. 

1. Red Elm

Red Elm street view with nice floor to ceiling glass entry way
Image Source: Seattle Travel

Red Elm is a cozy neighborhood café designed to be a place to hang out. From the homey décor to the abundant menu, this Tacoma café is the ideal space to grab a bite, work on a laptop, or catch up with friends.   

The outer glass façade enters into a long, spacious room with a red brick wall and ample seating. The tables are arranged to accommodate various group sizes, and a private conference room is great for parties or meetings. 

The comfortable couches and armchairs will make you want to curl up with a good book, and luckily, there’s a bookshelf to pick one out from. The walls are covered in art from local artists, and the kids’ play area filled with a play kitchen and other toys is a rare treat for little ones. 

The menu at Red Elm stands out just as much as the unique furnishings. Most noteworthy are their waffles, which can be ordered in the sweet Belgian variety, in several savory variations, and even as a waffle dog. They also serve breakfast sandwiches, sides, and grilled sandwiches, as well as delicious coffee and espresso drinks. 

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