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Snoqualmie Casino Buffet and Restaurants Guide

Snoqualmie Casino Buffet and Restaurants Guide

Post last updated September 4, 2023

Located 26 miles east of Downtown Seattle is Snoqualmie Casino. Snoqualmie is the closest casino to Seattle and has fantastic restaurants serving a variety of cuisines and in my opinion, the best casino buffet in Washington State. I’ll take you through each of Snoqualmie’s restaurants and eateries with my recommendations and need-to-know things.

Washington State’s Best Buffet Choice: Falls Buffet

Snoqualmie Casino Falls Buffet
The Falls Buffet has fantastic options like prime rib

In my opinion, this is the best casino buffet in the State of Washington. Offering a weekday lunch, weekend brunch, and a daily dinner buffet, you won’t leave disappointed! Falls Buffet offers its guests a full-service carving station with prime rib, ham, and other meats from the rotisserie. There’s a huge salad bar and a made-to-order Mongolian Grill stir fry option as well. The Asian food station will typically serve fried rice, stir fry, spring rolls, and Asian-style prepared meats. The Italian food station has assorted pizzas, garlic bread, and pasta galore. You’ll find American foods and seafood in the middle of the row. Clams and mussels, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, and other traditional dishes. 

Of course, we can’t forget the dessert bar. There’s a wide assortment of cakes by the slice, fruits, bread pudding, strawberry shortcake, and everyone’s favorite: the chocolate fountain.

If you’re coming for a weekend dinner, be sure to get there early or prepare for a decent wait in line. It gets very busy and since the food is so good, no one is leaving anytime soon. A huge part of what makes Falls Buffet great is that the food comes out fresh because of the high volume of people. On select evenings you can add Dungeness crab by the pound to your bill.


  • Lunch: Monday – Friday from 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Brunch: Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Prime Rib Dinner: Sunday – Thursday from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Friday and Saturday from 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM


  • Weekday Lunch: Adults: $21.99 | Kids 5-10: $14.99 | Seniors 55+: $14.99
  • Weekend Brunch: Adults: $25.99 | Kids 5-10: $20.99 | Seniors 55+: $20.99
  • Daily Prime Rib Dinner: Adults: $31.99 | Kids 5-10: $25.99 | Seniors 55+: $26.99
  • Add Crab for Friday or Saturday Dinner: $35.00 per pound

Recommendations: Make sure you come early and hungry. The prime rib is fantastic. If you don’t like that it’s on the medium to medium rare side, they’ll throw your piece on the grill for you. The made-to-order stir fry is a must. For dessert, although the chocolate fountain is always a favorite, I have to recommend the strawberry shortcake.

Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood

Snoqualmie Casino Vista Restaurant
Vista restaurant has an excellent bananas foster for dessert

Vista is Snoqualmie Casino’s main fine dining restaurant. The scenic views are accompanied by live music and make this a great spot for a high-end meal. There’s a bar section right upon entering if you’re dining solo, and then a big dining space that wraps around showcasing the landscape.

The menu is fantastic at Vista. Small plates feature Dungeness crab cakes, wood-fired octopus, and scallops Rockefeller. If you’re dining with at least one other person the tableside order of the caesar salad is a must. If you’re in the mood for seafood, get the seafood tower as it features some of the Pacific Northwest’s best. Rounding off the menu is a focused selection of high-end steaks with the featured item being the wagyu reserve flight.

Vista has a full bar and over 100 different wines to choose from. Again, if you’re dining with at least one other person, I highly recommend the bananas foster dessert, which will be made tableside. Careful, as they light it on fire!

Recommendations: Dungeness Crab Cakes | Tiger Prawn Cocktail | Calamari | Caesar Salad | Crab Louie Salad | Seafood Tower | Lobster Mac and Cheese | Hokkaido Japan A5+ Wagyu | Kerwee Ranch Wagyu Kiwami | Wagyu Reserve Flight | Bananas Foster | 23 Layer Chocolate Cake

12 Moons | Asian – Sushi – Noodles

Sushi Header
12 Moons specializes in sushi rolls (Ground Picture/Shutterstock)

12 Moons brings both traditional and contemporary Asian dishes to their guests. If you’re a fan of sushi rolls, you’re in luck! They have 15 different rolls to choose from, as well as having 4 choices of small maki (rolls) which is great for a quick bite. 12 Moons doesn’t have an extensive nigiri and sashimi menu, but there’s enough to get your raw fish fix. If you’re having a tough time making a decision, go with omakase (chef’s choice).

Beyond sushi, 12 Moons has galbi (Korean beef short ribs) by the pound, ramen, pho, fried rice, noodle dishes, donburi, and a variety of Asian small plates and side dishes.

Recommendations: Spicy Tuna Roll | Rainbow Roll | Tempura Shrimp Roll | Las Vegas Roll | Tempura Lobster Roll | Omakase | Galbi | Wonton Noodles | Shoyu Ramen | 12 Moons Fried Rice | Katsu Don | Teriyaki Don | Galbi Don | Sichuan Boiled Dumplings | Coconut Steamed Mussels | Twice Fried Chicken Karaage

Snoqualmie Cafe & Deli

When you think about a casino deli, it probably doesn’t excite you too much. Well, trust me the Snoqualmie Cafe & Deli is legit and high quality. They’re open 24/7 so you can grab a late-night bite, early-morning breakfast, or even something quick in between craps sessions! They have all your usual breakfast options like waffles, french toast, omelets, and country-fried steak. Appetizers that include wings, chicken strips, and fries. 23 different burgers and sandwich options that come with house-made coleslaw or french fries. Rounding out the menu is 7 different pizza choices. 

On top of all of that Snoqualmie Cafe & Deli has a 12s fanburger challenge. The challenge consist of the following:

  • Finish the fanburger in 36 minutes and win a limited edition 12s Fanburger “Finisher” T-Shirt
  • Finish the entire platter in 36 minutes and your meal is on the house
  • Meal includes: house-made brioche bun, 12 quarter-pound all-beef patties, 12 slices of American cheese, 12 pieces of bacon, 6oz of cheese whiz, lettuce, tomato, onion, cafe sauce, 12 pickle spears, 12 onions rings, and 1.5lbs of fries

Recommendations: Strawberry Waffles | Cinnamon French Toast | Breakfast Burrito | Kobe Beef Bacon Burger | Jalapeno Popper Burger | Reuben Sandwich | Nashville Hot Chicken | Supreme Meat Pizza


Snoqualmie Casino Coffee Shop Drip
Drip has specialty coffee drinks and pastries

Drip is a cute little coffee bar at Snoqualmie Casino. Although the casino provides their patrons with free drip coffee, if you’re in the mood for a specialty coffee drink, you’re in luck. Drip has a variety of coffee and tea drinks, as well as pastries and baked goods. If you’re looking for something quick, Drip is your spot. On weekends, Drip often has live entertainment.

Recommendations: Americano | Vanilla Latte | Mocha | Croissant | Scones

What restaurants are at Snoqualmie Casino?

Snoqualmie Casino has a buffet (Falls Buffet), high-end steakhouse (Vista), Asian food (12 Moons), a cafe (Snoqualmie Deli & Cafe), and a coffee shop (Drip).

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