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Post last updated July 14, 2023

Seattle is an interesting city with a lot to offer the people who live there. On the one hand, it’s a growing city which is known to be supportive of business growth including that of corporate chains. On the other hand, Seattle supports the entrepreneurial spirit and the creative drive of those people who walk to the beat of different drums. Seattle is a city which offers many of the benefits of a large urban area with the sense of a community that you might find in a smaller town. The colleges located through the Seattle area reflect the attitude of the region, one which supports growth in independent ways and encourages building the economy but not at the expense of building the community that lies at its foundation.

There are numerous colleges of all kinds located throughout Seattle. You can study in a small classroom in a downtown campus at an alternative education site or you can attend a major university. You can specialize in areas as diverse as midwifery and taxation or attend a school with a more general program. Here are just ten of the schools that Seattle students enjoy attending:

  1. Antioch University – Are you a study in contrasts? Do you already lead a professional life but need an education to go further in your career? Do you love the personalization of small classrooms but also thrive in the urban environment of a place like downtown Seattle? This school serves a niche population of students who might find that traditional colleges don’t work so well for them. They have a bachelor’s program in liberal studies as well as various other certificates and post-baccalaureate degrees.
  2. Art Institute of Seattle – Seattle is a creative place and it’s got degreed students to prove it. This school offers a two year program for a number of different creative degrees including commercial photography, fashion design and merchandising, industrial design and music business management. Seattle students interested in the travel and tourism industry can also get an education in their intended field here.
  3. Cornish College of the Arts – Students who are interested in performance art will find that they can learn about a lot of it here. Degrees offered by this school include dance, theater arts, and music. Non-performance art degrees are also available in visual arts, design, humanities and science. Unlike many art schools, this Seattle school specializes in four-year Bachelor’s degree programs.
  4. Cortiva Institute, Brenneke School of Massage – Many people in Seattle make their livings in the art of massage. Freelance certified massage therapists work on their own schedules while others work for day spas in the city’s tourist service industry. To get the certification and licensure they need, they attend this school. Students who aren’t quite sure if this is the right education choice can take some basic intro classes before committing to the degree program. Students already certified in massage can come back to the school throughout their professional careers for their continuing education requirements.
  5. Golden Gate University, Seattle – Does the phrase “April 15th” mean anything to you? If you get all hot and bothered when tax time rolls around, you might want to get a degree in some areas of taxation. Golden Gate University Seattle is your campus since that’s what they specialize in. You can get certificates to boost your employment potential or head all the way through to a Masters in taxation.

  1. Seattle Bible College – Seattle is a live and let live kind of city. There are many liberal people of all different types of faiths located in Seattle. If you happen to be one that’s devoted your life to Christ, there’s a school there for you. They have certificate programs, Associates and Masters Degrees but are best known for their four year Bachelor’s Degrees in Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Applied Ministry.
  2. Seattle Community College – Many students don’t know quite what they want to do right after high school so they attend a community college to get some general education requirements out of the way before heading off to a university. Many others find that the career that motivates them requires only a certificate or an Associate’s degree. Both types of student mingle together on the four different campuses (central, north, south and the vocational institute) of Seattle Community College.
  3. Seattle Midwifery School – Are you interested in alternative healing and living a holistic lifestyle? Do you love the idea of working in medicine but hate the medical industry? Many people in activist-conscious Seattle face the issue of how to live an upwardly mobile but community-centered lifestyle. One option is to get a degree in midwifery, a medical art that is at the heart of the community. Students from this school go on to get licenses which allow them to work as midwives, delivering the babies that are being born in the Seattle area in a way that is mother-and-baby-friendly.
  4. Seattle University – Students who are seeking out Seattle’s four year public university often end up finding this one in the process. Seattle University is actually a private school, not a public one, but it offers much of the same diversity of studies that you can find at a public institution. In addition to various liberal arts programs, degrees can be obtained in areas as varied as biochemistry and school psychology. Degree levels range from Associates through Doctoral so a variety of different types of students attend this school.
  5. University of Washington, Seattle – Students who are trying to find Seattle’s four year public university are looking for this school. It’s got all of the typical things you’d expect from a public university including multi-level degrees in a range of different areas. It’s also got a beautiful sprawling campus (the largest in the Northwest United States) and offers plenty of non-classroom activities for students to enjoy during their college years.
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