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12 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Tacoma

12 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Tacoma

Post last updated September 4, 2023

If you want to satisfy your seafood craving in Tacoma, you’re in luck. From casual eateries with mouthwatering fish and chips to upscale restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes, there’s something to please everyone.

Tacoma’s seafood scene is impressive, from waterfront restaurants with stunning views of the Puget Sound to cozy neighborhood restaurants. No matter your taste or budget you will surely find a delicious seafood meal in Tacoma.

Here are 12 of the best seafood restaurants in Tacoma that you won’t want to miss:

  1. Duke’s Seafood
  2. The Fish Peddler Restaurant
  3. Harbor Lights
  4. Fish House Cafe
  5. Anthony’s At Point Defiance
  6. Crab King Cajun Boil & Bar
  7. WildFin American Grill
  8. Cravin’ Crawfish
  9. Ivar’s Seafood Bar
  10. The Captain Crab
  11. Northern Fish Co
  12. Wally’s Chowder House & Broiler

1. Duke’s Seafood

Duke’s Seafood & Chowder
Duke’s Seafood & Chowder has excellent oysters

Address: 3327 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402

Duke’s Seafood is the most popular seafood restaurant in Tacoma, with well over 5,000 reviews online, and for a good reason. 

They have killer clam chowder and fantastic service. They get food to your table in minutes, and you won’t ever have to worry about an empty glass. 

Aside from their clam chowder, they have delicious crab cake and fish and chips, all at a very reasonable price for the serving size. 

All the food here is very flavorful, and the restaurant is clean. Duke’s Seafood has a full-service bar, and they have a beautiful waterfront view and outdoor dining area, perfect for when there’s a sunset. The inside has decorations on the wall featuring paddleboards, pictures, and more.

Duke’s Seafood is my top recommendation for its spectacular food and reasonable prices. I recommend you reserve a spot here.

2. The Fish Peddler Restaurant

Address: 1199 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402

This seafood restaurant is a gem tucked away in a location you wouldn’t expect a restaurant like this to be in!

To start off, the menu is massive, so you may have trouble deciding what to order, but rest assured, no matter what you pick, you’ll be delighted by their delicious food. It is worth noting that the portion is on the smaller side, however.

They have fantastic clam chowders, lobster rolls, and bloody marys that you’ll need to try out. You can bring kids here, but some people have commented that it isn’t fully kid-friendly. 

There are also spectacular waterfront views from here, where you can even see Mount Rainier. I highly recommend going to an outdoor seating area if it’s sunny. Their interior design is modern, and there are TVs by the bar.

3. Harbor Lights

Address: 2761 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402

This is another great restaurant for a view of the Tacoma port and mountains. The food here is extra delicious, but it will cost you. Expect to pay over $100 for a table of two. 

Their service is extra attentive, and you’ll get a magnificent view no matter the time of day. They have spectacular pan-fried oysters, fish and chips, and drinks.

The insides are reasonably spacious, and the design is minimalistic, with leather chairs and wooden tables. If you could get a seat by the windows or outside, you’ll get the best views in the restaurant. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a good premium seafood option.

4. Fish House Cafe

Address: 1814 M.L.K. Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405

Fish House Cafe is a seafood restaurant that serves all the classics at an amazing price. A family of four can expect their meals to be under $60. 

They have an amazing catfish plate, fish and chips, and banana pudding. Both are super affordable and delicious. This is a restaurant that you can dine in, but the seating is very limited, so you’ll probably want to take out to eat. 

The portions are fairly large, and it’s perfectly cooked. There are old-school pictures on the wall, and coming to this place creates a sense of community, which is hard to find nowadays. 

This place is not fancy or modern, but the food is great, and if you want to save a few extra dollars, this is a great place to go.

5. Crudo & Cotto

Address: 2717 N Proctor St, Tacoma, WA 98407

This is a fancier seafood restaurant that is popular for serving higher-end wines and Italian food too. 

The service was very attentive and fast. You’ll get your food in minutes, even if the restaurant is filled to the brim.

They have delicious fried oysters and salmon ravioli that you should definitely try out. They also have a super long list of wines to choose from, so if you’re into that, visit this place! 

Aside from their food and wines, their design is a little quirky. They have a bathtub filled with dirt and plants inside of it, and their overall design is an older, fancy design in terms of lighting and their fireplace. 

6. Crab King Cajun Boil & Bar

(Image Credit:Crab King Cajun Boil & Bar)

Address: 3111 S 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98409

This seafood restaurant is the best place to go in Tacoma if you love crab and drinks! 

Parking is really easy here, and the food will come fast, so you won’t have to wait too long while you’re hungry. 

This restaurant offers a full-service bar with plenty of drinks. Aside from that, they have a wide selection of food to choose from. I recommend their snow crab legs if you’re a fan of crab, but they also have other options, like their seafood boil. 

The ambiance is cozy, with a unique design. There are license plates on the walls, along with ropes and fisherman gear, to create a fun environment. There are also TVs mounted all around to watch sports.

7. WildFin American Grill

Seafood Crostini (Image Credit: WildFin American Grill)

Address: 5115 Grand Loop, Tacoma, WA 98407

WildFin is a popular west coast restaurant chain that can be found all over Washington. They serve fresh seafood and high-quality meats. 

The Tacoma location is right next to Point Ruston, so you’ll have excellent waterfront views while eating here. There is a wide selection of foods you can choose from, along with all the best beers, wines, and their very own cocktail.

They have world-class fish and chips and garlic prawns that taste amazing. This is a family-friendly place where you can bring kids. The environment is also spacious, clean, and modern, which is a plus.

The food is on the expensive side, however, but it is delicious, and the service was fast and attentive. Expect to spend over $100 for lunch with a 4-person family. 

8. Stanley & Seafort’s

Address: 115 E 34th Street, Tacoma, WA 98404

If you’re a fan of lobster or steak, Stanley & Seafort’s is a great pick. This is another costly restaurant, so you’ll need to consider that. 

This restaurant has an amazing city view, perfect for nighttime. The lighting is dim, and the restaurant is a fancy, older place. So, this is perfect for a date night or a special occasion. This is also a family-friendly place, so if you have kids, then you can come here too. 

The staff here is also quick to serve you, but you may have to wait a while to get seated. That’s why I recommend you get a reservation and request a nice view if you think that’d make your experience better.

9. Ivar’s Seafood Bar

Address: 10114 S Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98439

There are two locations here, one in Jamestown and one in Lakewood. This is an old-school diner that has classic seafood meals. 

The food, service, and environment are all amazing at Ivar’s. The food is warm and delicious, especially their codfish and Alaskan smoked salmon. 

The service is also really friendly and accommodating, especially with certain allergies. To add on, the environment has a classy feel to it. There are vintage photos on the walls and pieces from the past all around the restaurant. 

It’s worth noting that some people consider this a fast food joint since it’s affordable and the food comes fairly fast.

10. Paya Thai Fish & Chips

(Image Credit: Paya Thai Fish & Chips)

Address: 10310 S Tacoma Way Suite H, Lakewood, WA 98499

This restaurant is in the middle of Freighthouse Square food court, and it’s been voted the best in the state for fish. 

All the food here is healthy and has the best ingredients. You can also choose from plenty of sauces, so the flavor won’t be a problem at Paya Thai Fish & Chips. 

This restaurant has killer fish and chips that are cooked just right. Not too crispy, not soggy, just the right amount of seasoning, and warm but not too hot. 

The environment is great. You can watch TV while eating, and there are plenty of tables to choose from. Although, as this restaurant is in a food court, it can get a little messy at times. 

11. Northern Fish Co

Address: 2201 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402

Northern Fish is a seafood restaurant that’s over a century old, and for a good reason. It has some of the freshest and most delicious fish in Tacoma. 

You won’t find anything fresher anywhere else. The food is delicious and cooked just right. They also have a selection of other foods besides fish, like chowder and crab. The selection of food isn’t huge, so you could probably eat everything on the menu in a few visits.

They have a counter service, so they’ll call your name for your food, and you can eat at one of their six tables or eat somewhere else. There’s no table service. I recommend you come here when it’s sunny outside because there’s no indoor dining. 

12. Boathouse 19

Address: 9001 S 19th St Tacoma, WA 98466

Boathouse 19 is the place to go if you like a good old fashion burger or some delicious fish tacos. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Tacoma, and for a good reason.

From this restaurant, you can see a magnificent waterfront view while you enjoy your meal. This is the perfect place to go for a sunset. There are plenty of food choices to pick from, especially for seafood, and everything is served hot and everything is fresh. 

The service can get a little overloaded at times since this is such a popular place, so you may need to be patient. 

The environment is really clean, and Boathouse 19 has a modern design, with wood floors, walls, tables, and ceilings. It is worth noting that their parking has a 2-hour limit.

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