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Leschi, Seattle, WA: Neighborhood Guide & Things to Do

Leschi, Seattle, WA: Neighborhood Guide & Things to Do

Post last updated March 8, 2023

The name Leschi came from the Nisqually Native American Chief, Chief Leschi. They honored his name by calling this neighborhood Leschi. 

Today, Leschi Seattle is known as a mellow neighborhood, and it’s known for its small-town, mellow feel. This vibrant business area is filled with a bunch of greenery that can boost your mood.

Leschi is conveniently located close to Lake Washington and nearby plenty of businesses, with easy access to cities like Bellevue and Redmond. Now, I’ll walk you through things to do, real estate, restaurants, and more in this neighborhood guide. 

Let’s dig in.

Things to Do in Leschi

Leschi has a bunch of things you can do when you have extra time. From swimming in Lake Washington to reading some books for free at one of the largest public libraries in the US.

Lake Washington

Leschi Waterfront Seattle
A view of Leschi’s waterfront looking out over Lake Washington

Lake Washington is right by Leschi, and you can take a short drive out to swim, fish, boat, and do a variety of other things! The water is a little chilly, but that usually wakes me up when I swim at Lake Washington. If you haven’t swum there, you should definitely try!

Additionally, there are trout, bass, and a variety of other delicious fish at Lake Washington. It’s open for fishing all year, and I’ve had some amazing catches here.

Many living in Leschi also own boats because boating is simply a fun hobby that provides a good way to relax and enjoy the water, and it’s also really good exercise.

There are also a variety of other things you can do, like diving, for example. If you’re looking to simply relax along the waterfront there is public access. For example, the South Main Street End has waterfront access and available parking. There’s a marina where you can watch boats come in and out on nice days and the park is positioned to have an outstanding view of Mount Rainier. Nearby restaurants (more on that in a moment) give an excellent place to enjoy the scenery as well.

Peppi’s Playground & Wading Pool

Have kids and want to give them a place to run around and play? Peppi’s Playground is a public park that can be a stop on your way to Leschi Park and the Lake Washington waterfront. There is street parking nearby and Peppi’s is just a short walk from Frink Park’s trails

Seattle Public Library

While not technically in the Leschi neighborhood, we wanted to include this as an amenity that’s just a short drive away. The Seattle Public Library is one of the largest libraries in America, with millions of books available. It’s a 400,000 square feet, 11-story building that shelves pretty much any book you can think of. 

I live in Bellevue and take advantage of this. If I were in Leschi, I’d go here every weekend. This is one of the best places to pick up books for free and read them. It’s quiet and peaceful in this library.

Leschi Real Estate

Leschi Real Estate
Leschi’s waterfront has been in demand as Seattle real estate has boomed (Dan Lewis/Shutterstock)

The home value in Leschi is far higher than the average Seattle home price, with the average house value now being $1.2m. This neighborhood is perfect for families, with state-of-the-art public and private schools nearby and relatively low crime. 

The Leschi community is tight-knit, and it’s close to the city and nature. There are many different types of real estate properties here. 

So, whether you’re looking for a home, townhouse, condo, or another type of home, there’s something for you. 80% of the homes here are bought, and 20% are rentals.

Restaurants in Leschi

There are dozens of amazing restaurants in and near Leschi. Here are a few of the best.

Daniel’s Broiler

Daniel's Broiler in Seattle
Daniel’s Broiler has classics like steak tartare

Daniel’s Broiler is one of the best steak houses in Seattle, with fantastic views of the water wherever you choose to sit. Although this place is a little pricey, it’s worth it for special occasions. 

The staff here is kind and attentive, and there is a wide range of delicious food to choose from, from their savory boneless ribeye to New York steak to their famous cheesecakes. This place has some memorable food. 

It’s worth noting that the Leschi location of Daniel’s is more intimate than other locations such as South Lake Union. Seating is limited as this location is built in a converted boathouse from 1919. From inside you’ll not only get a view of the marina and Lake Washington but also of the Cascades and Mount Rainier.

Meet the Moon

Meet the Moon is a fantastic breakfast and brunch place offering comfort food. The food here tastes great, and if I could, I’d go here for all my breakfasts. This restaurant has famously good cinnamon rolls, grilled cheeses, and drinks. 

The food at Meet the Moon is fairly affordable, and you can get free Wi-Fi. The staff is also very welcoming here. Although, on the weekends, it does have a wait of up to an hour. The restaurant is located right next to Daniel’s Broiler on the Leschi Marina.

Ras Dashen Restaurant

This is the best Ethiopian food in Washington State, hands down. I’m not typically a fan of Ethiopian food, but this place changed my mind. 

The interior decoration and cultural charms are amazing. The workers here are also very respectful and welcoming.

The food here is served on a platter. It’s all very flavorful, with spices. All the food is very fresh, and is definitely healthy, with a good mix of vegetables and meats in most of their meals. The prices here are fair for what you get. Expect to pay $70 or so for a family.

Farmers Market & Activities in Leschi

There are various nearby farmers’ markets and the famous Leschi street fair and art walk.

Farmers Markets

Farmer's Market
There are several farmer’s markets nearby Leschi (Brian Koellish/Shutterstock)

The Madrona farmers market is nearby, and this farmers market offers fresh produce and meats at bargain prices. Madrona farmers market is open from May to October, and you can visit on Fridays. Favorites from the market include Got Soup?, which specializes in soups of all kinds. Beyond fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also find baked goods and there’s sometimes freshly prepared meats as well.

You can visit it at 1126 Martin Luther King Jr Way.

The Rainier farmers market is also near Leschi, with great deals as well. Going to farmers’ markets is a great way to help your local economy while saving money and connecting with the community.

Leschi Art Walk

Every year, Leschi holds a festival called the Leschi street fair and art walk, where they showcase music, magicians, children’s activities, inflated slides, face painting, and a variety of art activities. 

This is the perfect family event to have fun with the Leschi community. They typically hold this event on the weekend in September, and it’s all day long.

This has been a tradition for nine years now and will continue to be a festival to look forward to in the future.

Transportation & Parking in Leschi

Transportation here is spectacular because you can choose your mode of transportation most of the time. You can reach a restaurant, gym, or mall within a 15-minute walk, and there are nearby bus stops as well.

You can easily reach downtown Seattle on a walk or a bike, as it’s just 2 miles from Leschi. However, there are some bumpy roads here. Nevertheless, most residents here get around by driving. If you’re looking to park in the area, there is street parking along Lakeside Avenue and parking near the marina that may require payment. Leschi Park does have 20 spots available with a two-hour limit.

Parks in Leschi

Leschi is close to two small parks that offer amazing views, trails, and a fantastic picnic experience.

Frink Park

Frink park is a park with a lot of greenery. It feels like a forest when you walk into it. It gives a peaceful forest vibe, despite being in the middle of Seattle. 

There are also various well-kept trails in Frink Park that you can hike if you have some extra time on your hands. To get to this park, you’ll just need to cross a few roads.

Leschi Park

This park is the perfect spot for a picnic. It features plenty of beautiful nature, and it’s near the water. There is an access point to swim here.

Additionally, there are some easy trails that you can walk through. It’s a fairly small park, but still worth visiting. Also, don’t forget to visit the Giant Sequoia that survives in Leschi Park! You won’t be able to miss it as it towers above surrounding trees. The tree was planted by gardener Jacob Umlauff who became known as Seattle’s “Johnny Appleseed.” He planted sequoia trees around the city, one of which is still standing in downtown today!


Leschi is home to 7,000 Seattleites, which make up less than 1% of Seattle’s population. Most of the population here are people with advanced degrees, in the upper class. The average household income is around $130,000/year here. 

The median age is 37, so this place may not be optimal for first-time home buyers. This is a family-friendly neighborhood, with most houses here being single-family homes.

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