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The Complete Guide to Seattle Night Markets

The Complete Guide to Seattle Night Markets

Post last updated April 30, 2023

Food, music, one-of-a-kind wares, and excited, buzzing crowds are just a few of the classic features of night markets. These vibrant bazaars that light up as the sun goes down are in countries all over the world – from Taiwan to South Korea.

While Seattle isn’t exactly known for its after-dark markets, it’s not devoid of them either. Several Seattle night markets have been running for decades. Others got their start more recently but have grown exponentially since.

Curious as to what Seattle has to offer when it comes to these charming bazaars? This guide will help you get started exploring the Seattle night market scene. Keep reading to find out where to find the best night markets in Seattle and what to expect at each.

Complete Guide to Seattle Night Markets

How often is the Seattle Night Market?

The Seattle Night Market run by Northwest Marketplaces happens monthly. However, other night markets in Seattle occur at different times. Some, like the Chinatown International District Night Market, are annual. Others, like the Bainbridge Island Night Market, are seasonal. 

Where is the Seattle Night Market?

The main night market in Seattle is called the Seattle Night Market and it takes place in the Magnuson Park Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park. Other night markets happen all around the city. Another monthly Seattle night market takes place in Columbia City. A large, annual Taiwan-inspired night market is held in the University District.

Is Seattle Night Market kid and dog friendly?

The main Seattle Night Market in Magnuson Park Hangar 30 is always dog friendly, and it is kid-friendly on certain nights. Other Seattle night markets are both kid and dog friendly. Dogs should be well-behaved and leashed at the night markets.

5 Best Seattle Night Markets

Seattle Night Market by Northwest Marketplaces

The Seattle Night Market run by Northwest Marketplaces is by far the largest and most well-known night market in the city. It happens once a month at the Magnuson Park Hangar 30 and occasionally takes place over two days. 

The market dates and themes correspond to different celestial events throughout the year. Attend the Summer Solstice Market in June or the Winter Solstice Market in December. No matter when you go, there will be plenty to keep you entertained.

The market has over 100 vendors along with food trucks and street food booths inside and outside of the building. There are 3 bars in the venue, a photo booth, and DJs keep the music going all night long. Expect live performances like luchador wrestling and dance party vibes. Shop unique goods or just hang out, eat, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

There is ample parking at this market. Keep in mind that on certain months, the market is 21+ only. Tickets to attend cost around $10-$30. Although the admission is high, the cost includes a drink voucher, and the experience is well worth the fee. This is a must-attend Seattle night market.

Columbia City Night Market by Peace Peloton

If you’re looking for a fun market on a smaller scale than the Seattle Night Market, head to Columbia City. The Columbia City Night Market sponsored by Peace Peloton happens once a month on every 3rd Saturday. It’s completely free to attend.

Find this small-scale market along 37th Ave S between Edmonds and Hudson from 6 pm to 10 pm. Expect food trucks, a beer garden, live music, performances, and, of course, plenty of locally made items from a variety of vendors. From leather belts to candles and delicate glass creations, you’re guaranteed to discover something good.

Since it’s within walking distance of the light rail and near other public transportation, this is an easy market to get to. The Columbia City Night Market is a great alternative to the Seattle Night Market, especially if you’re searching for something with a more communal feel.

UW Night Market

The UW Night Market is a student-run night market that takes place once a year in May on the University of Washington campus. The Taiwan-inspired market is free to attend and features all sorts of vendors, the majority of which highlight the richness of Taiwanese culture. 

If you like to eat you’ll love this market since the main focus is the food. Find vendors selling boba, roasted duck, fresh custard buns, BBQ pork skewers, spicy noodles, and tons more. This is a cashless event so make sure you bring your card (and your appetite) for purchases.

In addition to food, there are both craft vendors and live music performances at this popular event. Since it takes place on the campus, the majority of the attendees are students, but all of the community is welcome. 

Parking can be a pain in this busy area so public transportation is highly recommended.

Chinatown International District Night Market

Don’t miss the chance to attend the Chinatown International District Night Market in September. This popular, annual, outdoor market is one of the largest events in the International District. And it’s a fun one. Both kids and pets are welcome and the event takes place at Hing Hay Park and the surrounding streets. 

This is a foodie-friendly market. Enjoy meals at the incredible restaurants in the area. Grab lots of street food from vendors serving everything from shrimp skewers to Korean cheese dogs. 

Various handcrafted goods by local Asian makers, flowers, and crafts are available to purchase at the market. Entertainment includes live music, breakdancing performances, and much more. 

Although the market lasts into the evening, it gets started in the early afternoon, so show up early and stay past sunset to experience it all.

Bainbridge Island Night Market

Take a little trip outside of Seattle to Bainbridge Island for the Moonlight Market. These take place at the Bainbridge Island Lawn at City Hall. Moonlight Markets are relaxed and family-friendly with lots to see.

The main goal of the Moonlight Market is to bring the community together to support local artists. Those searching for unique local items will be spoiled for choice. Arts and craft vendors sell everything from jewelry and ceramics to art and wearables. Tasty food, drinks, and live music keep the market upbeat, but the vibe is unhurried and casual. 

This is a dog-friendly night market, and since it’s on the smaller side, it’s also one of the best for kids. Go on a nice warm evening and search for treasures beneath string lights and surrounded by friendly faces.

And there you have it! These are all excellent night markets to attend. One thing is certain: if you love to eat, meet artists and makers, and spend time with the community, you’ll have a great time at the Seattle night markets.

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