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12 Bottomless Brunches in Seattle (With Great Food Too)

12 Bottomless Brunches in Seattle (With Great Food Too)

Post created September 7, 2023

Seattle has some amazing options for people searching for bottomless deals! What goes better with brunch than all-you-can-drink mimosas, after all? This guide will overview fantastic brunch spots with amazing food and even better mimosa deals. 

Each restaurant approaches “bottomless mimosas” in different ways. Some places offer truly bottomless mimosas for a set place. Other places offer “bottom-ish” mimosas where you’ll order a big carafe or pitcher to give yourself as many mimosa refills as you like.

Without further ado, here are 12 great bottomless brunches in Seattle!

12 Bottomless Brunches in Seattle

The Lookout

The Lookout is one of the best places to get truly bottomless mimosas in Seattle! Come here if you’re on a budget. Bottomless mimosas are only $17. 

And don’t worry, the food is good too. The Lookout has a standard breakfast menu that’s dominated by omelets, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, and toast. It’s nothing fancy and it’s succinct, so you won’t be too overwhelmed by choice when it comes to a meal. 

What you might be overwhelmed with at The Lookout is the view! The restaurant has one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle. If it’s warm out, you can enjoy your brunch and mimosa while soaking up the views.


Skillet Diner (Image Credit: Seattle Travel)

Skillet is a classic Seattle brunch spot. It serves classic American breakfasts that never get old. Think biscuits and gravy, scrambles, and hefty breakfast sandwiches. Skillet is known for its chicken and waffles so don’t skip out on that dish when you visit.

Find Skillet in Capitol Hill, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Center, and even SeaTac Airport. Skillet offers mimosa pitchers as part of its bottomless brunch deal. Grab one for the table for $39. 

Mission Cantina

Mission Cantina is a Mexican restaurant in West Seattle with a must-try brunch. It offers a “bottom-ish” mimosa. Order a Mimosa for $14 and get refills for $1. It’s a decent deal that’s elevated because it’s customizable. Stick with orange juice or try a prickly pear or hibiscus mimosa if you’re feeling adventurous.

Food options include tasty, south-of-the-border bites. Try the Desayunos (breakfast) quesadilla, chilaquiles, or a mouthwatering California breakfast burrito.


(Image Credit: Nue)

Nue is one of my favorite restaurants. It’s a unique restaurant that specializes in specific dishes from different countries around the world. Try Balinese Barbecued Spare Ribs, Brazilian Acarajé, or Beirut-style hummus. Its food is perfect for adventurous eaters and the brunch is a must try.

Order a mimosa carafe for $36 to go with some tasty brunch selections. A few brunch selections include Chengdu chicken wings and waffles, South African bunny chow, and delicious Israeli Shakshuka.

Meet the Moon

Meet the Moon is an unassuming hidden gem of a restaurant on the edge of Lake Washington. It’s in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood and has a lovely patio made for warm summer days. 

The food at Meet the Moon is hearty, well-made, and creative. Order a veggie scramble, a pork carnitas hash, or delightful avocado and pea toast. And don’t pass up on the thing Meet the Moon is known for: its giant, housemade cinnamon roll. 

Whatever you order, rest assured that mimosas go well with any dish. Meet the Moon’s mimosa pitcher is pretty pricey at  $40, but it will elevate your brunch to perfection.

Costas Restaurant 

Costas Restaurant is in the University District and it’s probably the best restaurant for bottomless mimosas. Their bottomless mimosas are inexpensive at just $15.95 per person. And best of all? They serve these mimosas all day, every day! So you can enjoy this deal whether you come on a weekend or a weekday.

Costas has a large, reasonably priced food menu. The breakfast items lean American, with classics like country-fried steak and eggs, homemade crepes, and a croissant breakfast skillet. However, if you prefer something more lunch adjacent, order some of its Greek food specialties. Try the gyros sandwich, spanakopita, or a delicious mousaka.

Portage Bay

Search “brunch in Seattle” and Portage Bay will be close to the top result. This brunch spot is pretty legendary around Seattle. It’s a smart idea to make a reservation, especially if you’ll be eating at its Roosevelt or South Lake Union locations. 

Portage Bay has a mimosa pitcher, though it’s one of the priciest on this list at $48, but it’s customizable. Stick with orange juice or try it with grapefruit, apple, or another organic juice. 

The food at Portage Bay is made with seasonal, organic, and locally grown ingredients. Try the pancakes or French toast dishes and you’ll earn a trip to the “breakfast bar” where you can top your meal with fresh berries and whipped cream. The huevos rancheros and Dungeness crab cake benedicts also get rave reviews.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a popular Seattle diner in Capitol Hill that’s open late. The menu is huge and varied with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s nothing fancy, but the food is solid enough to fill you up or cure you after a night of heavy drinking. 

Lost Lake offers mimosa pitchers for $35. These go perfectly with its sweet potato hash, goat cheese scramble, or classic and delicious Lost Lake French toast.

Laredo’s Grill

(Image Credit: Laredos)

Laredo’s Grill is a Mexican restaurant just a short walk from the Seattle Center in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. If you’re looking for yet another place with truly bottomless mimosas, this is the spot for it! Laredo’s serves $18 bottomless mimosas that are downright delicious.

Brunch is always a treat at Laredo’s Grill because the menu is full of incredible Tex-Mex goodies. The chorizo plate, breakfast tacos, and Tex-Mex chicken fried steak are all winners.

Otter Bar 

Otter Bar is a hidden gem of a bar in Eastlake that serves a surprisingly good weekend brunch for a burger bar. The restaurant sticks to the basics and does them right. Enjoy delicious eggs benedict, smashed avocado toast, and even a breakfast burger. 

Bottomless mimosas cost $27, placing this bottomless brunch right down the middle price-wise. However, Otter Bar has Drag Brunch shows on the weekend that make this an exciting spot to come with a group. After all, what’s better than bottomless mimosas and great entertainment to accompany a tasty brunch?

Goldfinch Tavern 

Goldfinch Tavern is located in one of Seattle’s most luxurious hotels, the Four Seasons. Needless to say, the food here is phenomenal. But you’ll pay a decent price for it!

Goldfinch Tavern’s brunch consists of bottomless mimosas and a 3-course breakfast meal. It costs around $75 per person, but is worth the splurge if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day! The menu rotates but has included churro waffles, smoked and peppered corn beef, and peaches and cream brioche French toast.

Bebop Waffle Shop

Bebop Waffle Shop in West Seattle is an unassuming, casual spot that specializes in great waffles and good coffee. Check it out if you’re searching for a relatively uncrowded place to get a good mimosa. Bebop serves mimosa carafes for $25. 

The service at Bebop is great and the tiny cafe is inviting. I recommend getting the basic waffle meal to go with your mimosa, but you can’t go wrong with the rainbow waffle either. If you’re not in the mood for traditional waffles, try the Monte Cristo or Morning Hamwich. They’re both served on waffle toast and are delightful.


These are all excellent places to get delicious brunches and generous, boozy drinks. You’ll enjoy a great bottomless brunch in Seattle whether you want truly bottomless mimosas or a carafe for the table to share.

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