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According to Critics, These Airlines Have the Best Food

According to Critics, These Airlines Have the Best Food

Post last updated June 10, 2024

Your comfortable aisle seat and travel itinerary aren’t the only things you should consider before boarding a plane. As the popularity of plane travel has increased, so have the standards for in-flight meals.

No matter where you’re headed, you may be curious to learn about which airlines have the best in-flight meals, from beverages to desserts. Here are some of the airlines you should consider if you want good food, regardless of altitude! 


©"Emirates A380" by BriYYZ is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Emirates has four different classes on board its flights, from economy to first. Regardless of your chosen seat, every level has an option for a multi-course meal on the way to your destination. Critics can’t get enough of the food on board Emirates, especially given that this airline considers every aspect of your meal.

Food Available on Emirates Flights

©"Emirates Business Class Dinner (Appetizer)" by ToastyKen is licensed under BY 2.0. - Original / License

From fine China to beverage pairings and even the option to schedule a champagne and cake arrangement for a special occasion, Emirates is sure to make your in-flight dining experience special. If you happen to fly first class, Emirates offers top-of-the-line dining, including a selection of amuse-bouche and inventive vegan cuisine.


©"Air Canada departs manchester with Qatar airways arriving" by martin 65 is licensed under PDM 1.0. - Original / License

Qatar Airways and its home airport both earn top spots when it comes to their attention to detail and customer experiences on offer, which is why it’s only natural for this airline to make our list of best in-flight meals. Coursed meals are an option for any boarding class as well as extensive lists of a la carte goodies should you get hungry mid-flight. 

Food Available on Qatar Flights

©"Shrimp cocktail aboard Qatar Airlines" by Wesley Fryer is licensed under BY 2.0. - Original / License

Capable of accommodating any allergies or dietary preferences, Qatar Airways prefers to emphasize seasonality in their menus. With so much variety and flexibility when it comes to ordering food, this airline makes it easy to indulge, whether you choose the Alaskan crab cannelloni or hazelnut tart! 

Turkish Airlines

©"TC-JZG Turkish Airlines" by Geo Max is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Skytrax awarded Turkish Airlines the best business class catering award in 2023, and for good reason. With an emphasis on Turkish cuisine and fresh ingredients, the in-flight meals on any Turkish Airlines plane are sure to impress. 

Food Available on Turkish Airlines Flights

©"Turkish Airlines Comfort Class from IST to LAX: First meal" by Jun Seita is licensed under BY 2.0. - Original / License

Economy class domestic flights can choose from many different hot and fresh sandwich options, while international flights have larger meal options available. Depending on which flight and seat you choose, Turkish Airlines may have an in-flight chef on board, preparing fresh and delicious Turkish delights!

Cathay Pacific

©"Cathay Pacific Plane" by Benson Kua is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Focusing on authenticity, sustainability, and collaborative partnerships, Cathay Pacific achieves fine dining at 35,000 feet. Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific offers anyone who flies with them an extensive menu rooted in wellness and the flavors of Cantonese cuisine.

Food Available on Cathay Pacific Flights

©"Cathay Pacific airline food" by Traveloscopy is licensed under BY-ND 2.0. - Original / License

Attention to detail is one of the main things that shines in Cathay Pacific’s menus. From curated wellness tonics to dim sum to an in-flight beer brewed for optimum flavor when enjoyed in the skies, Cathay Pacific’s dining experience isn’t something to miss. 

Air France

©"50cf - Air France Boeing 747-300; F-GETB@SXM;05.02.1999" by Aero Icarus is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Originating in Paris, it makes sense that Air France prioritizes its in-flight dining. The gourmet experience you would expect in any restaurant in Paris extends to the flights hosted by this airline, with Michelin-star chefs and sommelier-selected wines on board. 

Food Available on Air France Flights

©"Air France First Class Meal - 777-300ER" by TravelingOtter is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Business class and higher offer the most dining experiences, with stunning plating and many complimentary snack or beverage options. Air France has its own top-ranked chefs and pastry chefs who contribute to the menus on board any flight, a luxury touch that complements the monogrammed cutlery you’ll use the next time you travel with them. 

Singapore Airlines

©"9V-STS Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-343" by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view is licensed under BY 2.0. - Original / License

Every single meal you have on board Singapore Airlines has been tested and placed under the same pressure you will experience in the cabin at 30,000 feet. This ensures the quality and flavor for every single guest, something Singapore Airlines prioritizes. 

Food Available on Singapore Airlines Flights

©"Lunch on the flight to Singapore" by mroach is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

The in-flight menus vary and you’ll need to select what you’d like to order in advance. However, uniqueness and freshness are prioritized by Singapore Airlines’ five international chefs. Plus, there are extensive menus available for children and those in need of dietary accommodations. 

Korean Air

©"Airbus A-380, Korean Air, landing LAX ka_DSC_1075" by wbaiv is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Korean Air has won the Mercury Prize for its in-flight dining options, and it’s no secret as to why this is the case. Depending on the routes and destination, the menu changes on board this airline. Regardless of your travel plans, Korean Air delivers delicious and authentic meal choices to any class. 

Food Available on Korean Air Flights

©"Dinner on Korean Air in business class" by mroach is licensed under BY-SA 2.0. - Original / License

Free cup noodles are available to any long-haul class, with first class having the most extensive meal options possible. Bibimbap, sommelier-selected wines, and other Korean specialties can be ordered, but be sure to check your specific itinerary for the dining options available to you.

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