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9 Best Spots for Food and Drink Around Husky Stadium

9 Best Spots for Food and Drink Around Husky Stadium

Post created October 11, 2023

The Husky football season is well underway! Chances are if you’re heading to a game, you’ll want to find the best spots for food and drink around Husky Stadium.

Grabbing a bite to eat around the stadium can be difficult because there are so many options! Want beers and chicken wings in a rowdy sports pub? Prefer a sit-down meal with a view? Or do you just want something quick, tasty, and budget-friendly? The University District and nearby neighborhoods are packed with bars and restaurants. Cuisines range from Latin American to Chinese and Greek.

I’ll give you a rundown of some of the spots that should be on your radar. Venezuelan arepas, fish tacos, lagers and pilsners, and craft cocktails are just a few of the things you can look forward to eating and drinking. 

Here are 9 best places for food and drink around Husky Stadium!

Food and Drink Around Husky Stadium

1. Xi’an Noodles

Walking up and down the Ave can be overwhelming since there are so many places to eat and drink along this restaurant-packed street. But Xi’an Noodles is one spot that stands above the rest.

This Chinese restaurant specializes in delicious hand-pulled noodles. You won’t regret an order of the biang biang noodles. The spicy cumin lamb biang noodles are an easy favorite, but I also recommend trying the spicy and tingly beef biang noodles. The latter has Szechuan peppercorns that will give your mouth a cool and unusual numbing sensation. 

Xi’an Noodles also serves Chinese street food. Try the hot and sour rice noodles, pork wontons in chili sauce, or lamb dumplings. The menu is massive, the portions are generous, the prices are reasonable, and most importantly, it all tastes delicious. It’s easy to see why this is a University of Washington student favorite as well as the perfect place to grab food around Husky Stadium.

Shultzy’s Bar and Grill

Shultzy’s Bar and Grill is an easy food and drink choice near Husky Stadium. Love an upbeat, classic sports pub? That’s what you can expect here. It’s the perfect bar to visit on game nights, and it’s only about a 15-minute walk to the stadium.

German food makes up the bulk of the menu. Order house specialties like the currywurst and bratwurst plates and sausage link sandwiches. Or go for the tried and true pretzel and beer cheese. Grab a liter or a half liter of any of their delicious German beers to compliment your meal.

Shultzy’s Bar and Grill has plenty of TVs so you can always count on catching a game here. Come here if you don’t have tickets, but still want to feel that stadium-like energy. This is one of the most popular pubs in the area, so you’ll likely be there with tons of college students too.

The Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club is one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle! It’s just a mile from Husky Stadium and it has it all: great food, creative drinks, and a covetable view. It’s on the top of the Graduate Hotel and reservations are highly recommended. Once at the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and beyond.

Hang out inside when it’s cold. Here, you’ll enjoy the cozy vibes, plush and comfortable seating, and dozens of outdoorsy pictures hanging on the walls.  

The food and drink menu is a creative mix of elevated camping fare and seafood bites. The Mountain Bacon Sandwich, with bacon, white cheddar, and pickles on brioche, is a must-try. You can also have clam chowder, and then order DIY s’mores for dessert. The Mountaineering Club has good beers and wine, but I suggest getting some cocktails. The Rainier Rose and Heavy Meadow are both delightful.

Kate’s Pub

Kate’s Pub is, in a word, fun. This laidback dive is in Wallingford, just a 5-minute drive from the stadium. Kate’s Pub always has a lively crowd and great events. Come for trivia, live music, and karaoke. Or take advantage of nightly specials like half-price Thursdays and $5 shot Fridays. 

The food is what you might expect. Buffalo wings, burgers, mac and cheese, and fish and chips are where this pub shines. But in my opinion, you’re missing out if you don’t order the tots, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings.

Come during daily happy hour for half-price dinners and drinks. Sit back, watch the game on TV, and unwind with a cold glass of beer.

Jak’s Grill

Jak’s Grill is an excellent choice if you’re craving a sit-down dining option that’s a little more upscale than some of the other spots on this list. After all, Jak’s is one of the best steakhouses in Seattle. Come here for a filling, and delicious meal before or after a Husky game. 

Naturally, some of the best things to get from this steakhouse are the steaks. But if you’re not in the mood for steak, your options include seafood like fresh Alaskan Halibut and bacon-wrapped scallops. The burgers and sandwiches are also great. For an early game, come for the weekend brunch to try a scramble, hash, or one of Jak’s top-rated benedicts. 

Jak’s Grill is just 4-minutes from Husky Stadium, so it’s a no-brainer if you want to eat somewhere nearby.

Agua Verde Cafe

Go to Agua Verde Cafe for great food, margaritas, and a view. This Mexican restaurant is west of Husky Stadium, right on Portage Bay. Sit outside on the gorgeous patio or inside by a bright window while indulging in Mexican favorites.

Start with a specialty cocktail like the prickly pear margarita or a mezcal old-fashioned. Then move on to chips with homemade salsa, enchiladas, and top-tier tacos. The adobo marinated rockfish taco with mango salsa is a hit. There’s also a teeny breakfast menu for early games and a vegetarian and vegan menu for people with dietary restrictions.

Another good reason to go to Agua Verde Cafe? It’s right by the Agua Verde Paddle Club. After watching the game and grabbing a bite to eat, you can head there to rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle board and explore the bay when it’s nice out.

Ravenna Brewing Co

Ravenna Brewing Co is in the Ravenna neighborhood, about a mile from the Husky Stadium. The atmosphere at Ravenna Brewing Co is relaxed and welcoming, and it’s always filled with friendly locals.   It’s a must-visit for beer lovers interested in trying a variety of local brews. 

The beer list includes a little bit of everything. Try the Rubicon or the Robot Island if you’re craving a lighter pilsner. Go for the Atonal Nocturn for something more full-bodied. This oatmeal stout has delicious chocolate and black-strap molasses notes.

Ravenna Brewing Co is both kid and dog-friendly, and it has a large outdoor patio space. While the brewery doesn’t serve food, it does always have a food truck available. Expect everything from breakfast sandwiches to gyros to tasty Creole bites.

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen is about a mile from the stadium. It’s another one of the best restaurants on the Ave. Walking in, you’ll immediately feel welcomed and at ease in the homey environment.

Come here for incredible, authentic arepas. Some favorites are chicken and avocado, shredded beef and cheese, or sweet plantains and white cheese. Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen also serves Columbia and Venezuelan empanadas, tequeños (fried cheese sticks), and plantains in various styles.

The prices at Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen are reasonable and the service is exceptional. Needless to say, you can expect to leave here satiated which is why it’s one of the best places to eat before or after a game.

Duchess Tavern

Duchess Tavern is right down the street from Ravenna Brewing Co. This is quite possibly the best place for Husky fans to hang out! The dive bar is decked out in sports paraphernalia (a good amount of which is Husky-related). It has plenty of big-screen TVs so you won’t miss a second of the game. 

There are darts, shuffleboard, and pool tables to keep visitors entertained. Enjoy classic dive bar grub like burgers, pizzas, tots, and fries, and order a pitcher of ice-cold beer to soak it all up. This is the quintessential place for food and drinks before or after a Husky game. If you can only visit one of the spots on this list, let it be Duchess Tavern.

There are so many places to get food and drink around Husky Stadium, but these are some of the best. Try out one of these places the next time you’re attending a game for a guaranteed great time!

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