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You’re going to SeaTac airport in Seattle and need to leave your car for a few days or a few weeks. You don’t want to spend a lot of money – but you don’t want your car damaged either. More importantly – you’ve got a flight to catch and are in a hurry. We’re here to help you sift through the various airport parking options at SeaTac airport so you can park conveniently and at the right price. All of these private services can beat Seatac Airport’s on-site parking prices which start at $26 per day ($130 for full week). All of these Seatac parking prices were verified and mystery shopped for pricing and phone service quality in November 2010. We’ve reviewed all the Seattle airport parking lots to save you a lot of time in making a choice. If you’ve experienced great service or issues at these parking lots — please let us know and we’ll add your review to the guide. We’ve noted where there are online discounts (there are many) and coupons for the web to check out. We also review shared ride SeaTac shuttle vans.

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Masterpark Lot C’s Covered, Lit Pickup / Dropoff – Great Service…

MasterPark – If you work for Microsoft, they have discounts with your badge — perhaps a recommendation on where to park?
MasterPark notes they have more shuttles (ie faster time to/ from airport) than any competitor which is a big advantage when you are in a hurry. We use MasterPark regularly and have been consistently impressed with the service. The employees are committed to a positive and prompt experience for you and it is very professionally run. In particular – they had our vehicle ready with trunk open in a brightly lit, covered area when we returned and there are tons of shuttles. They keep your keys and park the car in all of the lots – we’ve never seen even a minor scratch or dirt inside or out. We’d recommend MasterPark even if it costs a bit more – it’s worth it for good service when you are in a rush. Alaska Airlines check-in Kiosks at each of the four garages and 25 Alaska miles per paid parking day.

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Masterpark shuttle van: Modern, clean, comfortable, & quick.

Over 5,500 parking stalls and a special valet garage in four separate lots. Covered drop-off at the valet location and Alaska Airlines check-in. Twenty-four hour security and valet service at all lots. Rates: $14.95 for surface lots and $15.95 for valet garage — coupons down to as low as $84 for the week . 18220 International Blvd; 2907 S. 170th Street @ International; 16025 International; 16826 International (Valet Garage). Great web coupons for all of their lots.Service Update: Great service verified in Summer 2011. Under five minutes pickup time with lots of help on luggage from friendly driver. Luggage was brought directly to our vehicle together with bottled water for all of our passengers. Van was clean and well maintained with only one other person on the van. No lines for payment, with two payment cashiers ready and waiting.

Recent actual pickup time: 10 minutes between phone call for pickup and shuttle van arrival. We consider this very quick due to Masterpark’s close location to Seatac airport. The van was about 75% full but very comfortable. From the dropoff location – the van left immediately as soon as travelers were ready to depart

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Masterpark pickup office – modern, spacious, and comfortable.

Recent Experience: We got on the shuttle bus with our luggage and forgot to remove our son’s booster-seat from the car. The Master Park team was so quick they had already driven our car to an upstairs space from our original unloading area. Amazing Customer Service: The shuttle driver ran all the way to find our car – and ran back down with the booster-seat with others waiting on our shuttle. He really went out of the way to save us from forgetting a critical item for our trip. With so much bad service today – it’s great to see a company that truly cares about their customers.

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Ajax Airport Parking (2 lots) – This is the rock bottom price leader if money is the primary consideration (photos above). With a new lot added after the light rail construction – there’s plenty of shuttles at the Ajax remaining lot. Rock bottom prices make this worth checking out at only $8.99 per day – or under $8 with coupon, and under $7 per day for military / Microsoft / Boeing employees. Phone service when calling was pretty sketchy – don’t expect VIP treatment. Two Lots: 3211 S. 154th Street, SeaTac (no coupons / 190 spaces) 206-243-8011 and 1200 South 144th Street ($10.95 base rate – coupons accepted / 600 spaces). All rates have additional taxes of 9.5% and $4.72 airport access fees and $3.00 city of Seatac Parking Tax.

We visited the new Ajax Seatac lot (“AjaxParkingRUS”) on 144th street. It is a large lot running up a hill with pretty tight security. The self-park lot is gate regulated with closed circuit cameras and a fair amount of halogen lighting throughout the lot. The lot is surrounded by a high fence. The disadvantage of this lot is that you need to drive a short way past the airport to the Des Moines exit, and then they drive you back to the airport. The lot has five shuttles that I saw, and service to the airport was quick (they picked me up as soon as I got out of my car), and very friendly.

One big factor with airport parking is the length of time to being picked up in the airport, and it varies widely. Advertised shuttle times of a 5 minute pickup and a 7 minute ride were not realistic on our trip. Although the pickup from the dropoff lot was great, pickup at the airport upon return was below average and time consuming. We waited 20 minutes for a van – which was full and couldn’t pick us up. Another van arrived after about a total of about 25 minutes, and easily a 10+ minute drive to the lot. We found the pickup service needing improvement from Ajax. Ajax needs to run a van circuit through the airport if they want to achieve their promised times – not just send vans when calls come in, which appeared to be the case.

The area that the Ajax Seatac parking lot is in, prior to the parking lot is a bit sketchy aka auto repair shops and mini-mart stores. We saw four police vehicles doing an arrest at the nearby corner tavern when we picked up our car, and another pulling over a car up the street. The security of the lot makes up for this not being an area that I would be quick to rent an apartment in – and the very, very cheap price. You will get a card with your space number on it, as it would be easy to lose your car in this huge lot. They also rope off part of the lot to consolidate cars into one area – not all 600 spaces were open for parking. We’d encourage Ajax to be a bit more generous with their parking real estate so cars don’t need to unnecessarily park door-to-door.

SeaTac On-Site Garage – This is the basic choice and a good baseline for comparison. $28 per day and $130 per week – but you’re right at the airport

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Summary Chart (Detailed reviews below):

Parking Provider

Per Day / Week List Price

Service Review Notes

MasterPark Garage

$15.95 / day, $84 / week with coupon

Consistent excellent service. Can eliminate service desk by storing credit card number.

MasterPark Surface

$14.95 / $84 with coupon


$8.99 per day / Under $8 with coupon / Employee rate for Micrososoft, Boeing, and Military with ID of under $7. $63/week

Payment is prepaid only at lot.

Ajax “Parking ‘r Us” 2

$10.95 per day / Under $8 with coupon / Employee rate for Micrososoft, Boeing, and Military with ID of under $7. $63/week

Mediocre service and location past airport made up by very cheap price and strong security. Reservation is by direct email or phone (no web form).

SeaTac Park

$14.95 / day and $70 / week (Coupons to $10.95) Monthly for $150

Excellent phone service; frequent parking incentives. Furthest lot from SeaTac.

Extra Car

Varies seasonal – $7-10/ day and $65-$75 / week

Adequate service – basic setup. Average phone service.

On-Site at Seatac

$28 / day, $130 / week

You park it: You’re at the airport dude. Phone service = robot, no humans.

Doug Fox Travel

$15 day, $85/week

Excellent phone service.

EZ Airport Parking

$8-9 / day, $56/week, $8.25 airport fee + add 9.5% sales tax

Good phone service.

ShuttlePark2 $13/day and $67/week Medicore phone service
Park ‘N Jet $10/day – discounts of ~30% for pre-reservation Good phone service

Park N Fly

$13/day valet, $10/day self-park. $76/week for valet with coupons Average phone service
Wally Park – 2 locations Self park: $11/day and $60/week. Valet $14/day and $80/week Good phone service

MVP Airport Parking

$10 / day, $67/week

Average phone service.

MPark is SeaTac Airport’s latest parking offer, from the company that brings you MasterPark quality in four other service-oriented lots. MPark is a self-service, high tech parking lot that offers credit card only (no cash or checks) checkout where you get to park your own car and keep your keys. The parking lot is highly secure with video security and lighting 24 hours a day. The shuttles come frequently to take you right to the airport and the driver will help you with luggage. Standard pricing is $10.95 per 24 hour day (plus tax and airport fee’s), however online coupons can bring this down to $7.49 per day. We highly recommend MPark for budget / value versus other low cost lots based on the MasterPark organization’s tradition of quality and service to its customers that we have personally experienced. MPark is located at 3035 South 160th Street in SeaTac and can be phoned at 206-246-2222.


Extra Car– Extra Car may be the best choice if your complete objective is the lowest price, however Ajax2 Parking ‘r Us is another great choice. They offer basic, prepaid service — at a very low price. You need to prepay for Extra Car in order to reserve there. Their online site makes this easy – but your money is gone if you don’t fly that day. They do offer a unique benefit – by buying a prepaid parking card (starts at 15 days parking) — you can avoid the airport parking fees around Seatac. If you have an older car – that service is not critical – and price is the objective — Extra Car is a good choice. They have a single older van that they run back-forth to the airport and have a very basic office to conduct business on the lot. Surcharge for any vehicle longer than a Dodge Grand Caravan since they pack cars in tight to a tiny lot.

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Cars are blocked in on the lot and they require 2 hours notice to get your car out. Service was generally good and the staff was pleasant to work with. In Extra Car’s “free market system” — prices are adjusted daily based on availability – just like the stock market! Recent prices of $10 per day plus tax (8.90%) and government fees ($4.75 total) are typical. Prepay for only $6.75 per day (15 day prepaid card) and avoid the $4.75 in government fees. 206-248-3452 / 16300 International Boulevard – 3 blocks from SeaTac

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SeaTac Park – Less convenience, but at a typical price — not a stand-out. No relationship to airport, despite their clever name. Located 3 miles South on I-5, you’ll be driving right by the airport to reach this lot, then 15 minutes ride back to SeaTac (see our map). Farther out than most lots, but compensated by good, friendly service and frequent pickups. Standard rate is $15 per day and $70 per week, $150/month. Coupons can reduce to $11 per day or $70 per week. Frequent parker bonus program gives you 5 free days when you park for 25 days. Six foot chain link fence with 2 feet of barbed wire enhances over 27 huge light posts. All vans tracked with GPS. We’ve seen their vans pretty frequently in the Seatac pickup – a good sign of prompt service. You sometimes can keep your keys (depending on demand for spaces) and are given the space number to find your car easily. 2701 S 200th Street, Seattle (Highway 99 @ S. 200th St.) 206-824-2544

Airport Parking & Pricing Search

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Doug Fox Parking – They’ve been parking since 1970 with big blue buses. $15 per day or $85 per week (plus many taxes). Web coupons may give you a 20% discount ($50 for 4 days) and very close to Seatac airport. Frequent parking club gives points for future free parking. You get 5 points for each dollar spent, and it costs ~350 points for a free day of parking. A bit “old school” but a good location. Big buses may mean less frequent pickups — a key service factor. 2626 S. 170th, SeaTac 206-248-2956

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EZ Airport Parking – The usual features including valet parking, 24 hour shuttle, parking lot security, and open 24 hours. Around $8-9 per day normally and as low as $6 per day with coupons. For a week, pay $56. There is an additional $8.25 airport fee and 9.5% sales tax. The location at 16325 Military Road South is a bit off the beaten path. 206-241-2195

Sandstone Inn Parking – An Econolodge motel offering cheap stay & park rates or parking only rates from as low as $11 per day or $80 per week. We aren’t a fan of mixed budget motels + airport parking, but might be good in a pinch. Friendly phone service . 19225 International Boulevard / 206-824-1350. Lighted and fenced with a free 24 hour shuttle.

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Park ‘N Fly – Airport parking with for $13/day valet ($11 with coupon) and $10/day self-park ($76/week valet with coupon) with the typical free shuttle at 17320 International Boulevard / 206-433-6767. Good quality phone service. They’ve been operating since 1971 and are locally owned. Larger wide spaces should make it easier to park and there are oversized spaces for larger trucks and SUVs. Arrival and departure areas are covered and luggage assistance is available (ie tipping encouraged).

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MVP Airport Parking – From $10 per day or $67 per week and higher rates for fullsize vehicles (ie big trucks and SUVs). 18831 International Boulevard / 206-243-3211 Security is their watchword including barbed wire, perimeter lights, 24 hour security, and extensive employee screening. Cars warmed up and ready to go when you return. Discounts of $1 off per day for AAA, AARP, Military, and Government employees. Good MVP experience below….

At MVP…. “…I have a large Ford F-350, and I had to go out on a trip down to California, so I was looking for somewhere secure to park, that wasn’t above 12 dollars a day. I wanted a valet parking area, so I wouldn’t lose my keys on the trip, so I choose to park at MVP Airport Parking. I was really pleased with the service, the driver was really friendly, and lifted my bags for me, and it took about ten minutes to get to the airport, once I got on the van, which was about a 5 minute wait. They had a nice waiting room, and for around10 bucks a day was a total deal. I definitely would recommend them….”

seatac shuttlepark2
shuttlepark2 seattle

ShuttlePark2 – New airport parking addition with standard features including 24 hour shuttle, self-park, 24 hour security, and fully lighted next to a theater. $13/day or $67/week. Coupons to $50 for 5 days. Taxes add 14%. 3610 S. 158th in Tukwila near 518 @ Highway 99. 206-242-5432

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Park ‘N Jet -$10/day and discounted down to $6-$7 with pre-reservation plus $3 Seatac Access; 2.75% Seatac Tax; and 9.50% Washington Sales Tax. 18220 8th Avenue South – Seatac 206-241-6600. Coupons available that cut around $3/day from the price for longer stays of 4-30 days. With coupons, this is a very low price at ~$6 /day. Location is in the Southwest quadrant of Seatac’s Airport property.

Reader Experience: Park N Jet has poor service with a cheap price. Landed on Oct 14, 2009 at around 10:15, and phoned them to come pick us up. The van came within 15 minutes and we were seated in the van quickly. The driver continued to pick up more customers. At the end of our ride, 12 of us were seated in a 10 passenger van. This was very bad service — there were still more customer waiting for pick up unfulfilled. We will not use them again and will look for better service next time with a different parking service.

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WallyPark – Wally Park’s new seven story garage is open for airport parking. $14 per day for premier valet ($80 per week). Self park for $11/day or $60/week. Get your car washed for $7 or choose to have it filled up with gas while you fly. Web coupons for $1.50 off or 1 free day (with 3 or more rented). Very close to the airport at 17808 International Blvd (next to the SeaTac Airport Hilton Hotel) and 2803 South 188th for self-park. You can check in for Alaska Airlines at the valet location and enjoy free coffee and refreshments. 206-244-4008

We tried out WallyPark and were not impressed. At the self-park lot, we drove through rows of cars – eventually ending up at a very narrow dead-end – and there were no spots to park at all. We wasted our time while in a hurry and ended up at another parking lot – MasterPark (see above.) However, Wally Park has expanded with a new garage to solve these challenges with flair. Wally Park now offers a new multi-story garage with shuttles departing every five minutes and 24 hour valet or self-parking. Wally Prak now also offers luggage assistance, Wi-Fi Internet, free newspaper, and free bottled water coffee.

Super8 Motel SeaTac – This motel offers room stay packages, which include parking. The price you pay for the room packages includes 3-30 days parking at the motel and a shuttle to the airport. Approximate pricing ranges from $100 for a one night stay + 7 nights parking or you can park for an entire month with a 1 night room stay for $200. (206) 433-8188

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