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The parking garage at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is connected to the main terminal via skybridges on the 4th floor. The Airport offers both general parking or a premium option — Terminal Direct — which is on the same floor as the main Seatac airport terminal.
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Parking Prices:

Seatac Terminal Direct Parking – Most Convenient (Same floor as terminal) The fourth floor of the Parking Garage is reserved for Terminal Direct Parking. Customers have direct access via the fourth-floor skybridges to the Main Terminal. It’s the shortest route from car to plane and is available for both short- and long-term parking. The rate for this direct access floor is $7 an hour with a daily maximum of $42 or a $294 weekly rate. General Parking is available on five floors of the Airport Garage floors 1-3, 5-8. The rate is just $6 an hour with a maximum of $34 for up to 24 hours and a special weekly rate of $169. Parkers can use General Parking for both short- and long-term stays.
If you are planning ahead, its best to guarantee your parking space by reserving online. Terminal parking demand is high, so plan on booking ahead if you want quicker access to the airport.

Special Scenarios:

Travelers parking for more than 30 days, must make special arrangements through the Airport’s Public Parking Office, (206) 787-5388. Without these arrangements, the vehicle may be considered abandoned and could be towed at the owner’s expense. Motorcycles pay the same parking rates as automobiles in all of the airport’s on-site lots.

Accessible Parking

Hourly, Daily and Weekly Parking. ADA designated parking spaces are available in both General Parking on the fifth floor and in Terminal Direct Parking on the fourth floor. Vehicles properly displaying valid disabled permit identification may use these spaces. Posted rates for General and Terminal Direct Parking apply. Wheelchair Assistance from the Airport Garage and Link Light Rail Airport Station. Travelers with disabilities, who need assistance getting from parking or the Airport Link Light Rail Station to the terminal, may arrange for wheelchair service directly with Huntleigh, the company the Port of Seattle has contracted with for this service. To arrange for wheelchair and luggage assistance: Call Huntleigh four to six hours in advance at (206) 433-5287. Their office is open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. If you have an early morning flight, please call the night before. Let the dispatcher know what time to meet you, your airline and flight number, and the number of bags you will need assistance with. Once at the Airport for Garage Parkers: Park in the ADA-designated spaces on either the fourth or fifth floor of the airport parking garage Huntleigh staff will meet you at one of the color-coded lobbies of the airport garage. It’s a good idea to call Huntleigh from your cell phone (206 433-5287) once you’re in the garage. Once at the Airport Station for Train Travelers: Go to the mezzanine level and walk toward the bridge to the Airport. Huntleigh staff will meet you there. It’s a good idea to call Huntleigh from your cell phone (206 433-5287) once you’re in the station. This service is provided at no charge, but gratuities are greatly appreciated. If you need assistance getting from the airline ticket counter through security and to your gate, you should arrange that directly with your airline. Parking for Over-Height, Handicapped-Permitted Vehicles. A wheelchair-accessible path through the the first floor of the garage to the Main Terminal (via elevator) is available from the Sea-Tac Over-Height Vehicle Parking area.

Electric Vehicle Plug-Ins

There are 76 charging spaces on two floors in the garage and all spots are first come, first served. On the 7th floor, there are 64 charging spots all located in Row E and the price for spot is the same as general parking.  The remaining 30 spots are on the 4th floor in Rows E and F. The same terminal rates apply for all EV parking spaces on the 4th floor.

Over-Height Vehicle Parking

Because of space limitations, vehicles over 25 feet in length must park off-site. This affects mostly semi-trucks and trailers. The garage clearance height is 6'10". Parking for over-height vehicles is available at the Airport. You can access this parking area via Highway 99 / International Blvd. from the north or south. To access the parking area from SR 518, follow the signs marked “Overheight Parking” from the left exit off the Airport Expressway. The route is well marked and will take you to Highway 99 / International Blvd and the South 182nd St. Airport entrance. Enter the Airport from South 182nd St. off of Highway 99 / International Blvd. and make your way into the left lane. Stay in the left lane and curve to the left, then follow the signs to over-height parking (which at this point should be in front of you and to the right). At the entry plaza, use the open lane on the far right and take a ticket from the machine. After the gate opens, drive in and park in any of the 78 stalls in the outdoor area. It is within walking distance to the terminal. General parking rates apply.

Paying for Parking

You now use your credit or debit card as your ticket in and out of the Airport Garage. The ticket machines at the entrances and exits to the Airport Garage accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a debit card as your “ticket” in and out of the garage. When your trip is over, just drive up to the “paid ticket or credit/debit” line (always the shortest line) and insert the same credit or debit card you used when entering. Your receipt will be printed right after you retrieve your card. If you take a ticket on your way into the garage, you can still use your credit card in “paid ticket or credit/debit” line at the toll plaza and avoid the long lines at the cashier’s toll booth or at the pay-on-foot machines in the garage. Just drive up to one of the “paid ticket or credit/debit” lines, insert your ticket and then your credit (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or debit card. Your receipt will be printed right after your retrieve your card. Paying with Cash

Use the Pay-on-Foot Machines

For both General and Terminal Direct Parking, you can use cash to pay at one of the black and yellow pay stations on the 4th floor of the garage, just outside the skybridges. To use the pay-on-foot machines Take a parking ticket as you enter the garage. Keep this ticket with you. As you leave the terminal, insert your ticket in one of the exitxpress pay stations located on the 4th floor of the garage. Pay the parking fee. The machine will validate your ticket. Insert your validated ticket in the machine at any exit gate as you leave the garage. And off you go! The machines accept the following U.S. currency: $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. The machines also accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards.

The Cashier’s Booth at the Toll Plaza

It’s best to only use this service for special needs, such as lost or damaged tickets. For simple payments, it’s quicker and more convenient to use the pay-on-foot machines in the garage or pay by credit or debit card at one of the “paid ticket or credit/debit” booths at the toll plaza.

Lost Parking Tickets

Parkers who have lost their parking ticket should exit through a manned cashier’s booth at the toll plaza.


Receipts for paid parking are issued at the time of payment either at the “pay-on-foot” machines on the fourth floor (you must press the button to request your receipt) of the Parking Garage, in the paid ticket lane if you used a credit or debit card, or at the cashier’s booth at the exit. Parking for Seatac airport is available via the airport’s on-site parking or private offsite Seatac parking options that offer discounted rates and service to compete. The parking garage at Seattle-Tacoma “Seatac” Airport is connected to the main terminal via skybridges on the 4th floor. The Airport offers both general parking or a premium option — called Terminal Direct — which is on the same floor as the main Seatac airport terminal.

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