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Get a great Seattle rental car…

Want an auto rental in Seattle? You can get a cheap car rental in Seattle for less than you might think. Seattle automobile rentals include top companies such as Hertz, Avis, Dollar Rent a Car, and Budget Rent a Car. We really like the service that we get from Dollar on our Seattle car rentals including a great selection of Chryslers and consistently good service. We often get a better rental car from Dollar than we paid for and the service is consistent, efficient, and reasonably priced. Wherever you choose your Seattle rental car from – drive carefully on those huge, wet Seattle hills. You may also consider a local rental to just use (and pay to park) a rental car for a few days of your trip to visit outlying attractions.

Top 5 Seattle Rental Car Companies:

1.) Hertz Auto Rentals – One of Seattle’s most popular rental car companies with preferred service, great support, and a wide selection of Fords and other makes. Recent intermediate airport quote around $242 per week with all taxes. (1501 8th Ave / 206-903-6260 near hotels)

2.) Dollar Car Rentals – A great discount provider, focused on Chrysler’s. Excellent discounts on rental cars available for the San Francisco area. Recent intermediate airport quote around $190 per week with all taxes.(1900 Boren Ave / 206-381-1323 near hotels)

3.) Alamo Rent a Car – Focused on vacation rentals but with an expanding airport presence. Recent intermediate quote around $220 per week with all taxes. (1301 6th Ave / (206) 292-9770 near hotels)

4.) Budget Car Rental – Good discounts around Seattle and a wide variety of cars. Recent intermediate airport quote around $220 per week with all taxes. (801 4th Ave / (206) 682-8989 near hotels)

5.) Avis Rental Cars – Focused on General Motors products including Hummer SUV’s! Higher priced, premium business-focused service. Recent intermediate airport quote around $242 per week with all taxes. (1919 5th Ave, Seattle / 206-448-1700 near hotels)

Luxury Rental Cars

A luxury car in Seattle can be a real treat. The coastal, curving drives and steep hills are made for sport sedans like Lexus, BMW, and Acura.

Taxes – Especially at Seattle’s SeaTac Airport – rental car taxes can be brutal. Bet on about 20% or more. Our prices above include all taxes at SeaTac. You will find some of the highest taxes in the county in Arizona for Phoenix rental cars – even Seattle doesn’t compare…

Insurance – Make sure to bring proof of your current insurance and policy details. This will prevent any “hard sell” of insurance add-ons from the rental company and you’ll have all the facts on your own coverage. Most – although not all – auto insurance covers you for rental cars.

Car Rentals for 18-24 Year Customers – It can be hard to get a rental if you are under 25 years old. Make sure to ask if this is available, and there are also likely cost surcharges.

Public Transit – Consider buses and bus passes around downtown Seattle. Outside the central city, public transit becomes increasingly challenging. A rental car is a great convenience for your trip. There are buses to suburban areas, but it can be very time consuming.

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