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Seattle restaurants have incredibly fresh seafood and other delicious treats. Try a few of our favorites. We don’t recommend just any place…

Ray’s Boathouse – Ballard Neighborhood

Ray’s Boathouse is an elegant seafood restaurant located on a beautiful area of the Puget Sound waterfront. With numerous Wine Spectator awards, the restaurant is renown for quality, fresh seafood – particularly halibut and salmon native to the area. Unlike many of the “food-snob” upper-end restaurants of Seattle, Ray’s Boathouse is elegant without being pretentious. The food quality is excellent and every table has an unrivaled view. The restaurant is in a corner of the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which gives it the Puget Sound views versus the much smaller Lake Washington or Lake Union views in the central part of Seattle. The sunset is amazing if you time your dinner right.

By: moohaha on Flickr / / CC by 2.0

We enjoyed a sampler of halibut, salmon, and sablefish for around $30 as the “platter trio” and my companion had halbut which was excellent. We tried the smoked (cold) sablefish for an appetizer, served with a spicy sauce. For our meals, we found the halibut to be the best choice – so fresh from Alaska nearby. The salads offer a variety of delicious organic greens, nuts, and fruits. The restaurant features free valet parking and reservations are highly recommended. It can be a little tricky for a visitor to find, but the drive is well worth it.

The restaurant went out of their way to take care of us with a view table and complimentary chocolate bar to celebrate a special event evening. The wine list is long enough to be somewhat overwhelming, but it is filled with great choices that highlight the wines of Washington – especially rich, deep reds. Service was highly professional, prompt, and courteous without being intrusive. We recommend Ray’s Boathouse for very fresh seafood and amazing views – off the everyday course for most people.

If you are looking for great views in a quiet waterfront location – Agua Verde has some pretty good Mexican food and margaritas. Located right near the University District, Agua Verde is a popular spot for locals and featured in many travel review guides. It’s one of those places that is packed with people and always runs a long line for the amazing views of the waterfront. We tried Mahi Mahi and Carne Asada tacos which were both pretty good at around $12. Everything costs extra here – including the chips (from a bag, not fresh made) which are $2.50 and it’s “find your own” salsa from the salsa bar. Service was prompt as they are looking to rapidly turn the tables with the long lines. You can also rent kayaks here which is a pretty cool combo of enjoying the food after a paddle on the water.

Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club

1303 NE Boat Street, Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 545-8570

Agua Verde is now operating at Kirkland’s Houghton Beach on the Eastside from Seattle. Cafe daytime hours and outdoor seating on a great beach. Get awesome tacos, burritos, and grandma’s famous guacamole right from your beach picnic and playground for the little ones. No margaritas unfortunately…

Anthony’s Pier 66

anthonysbellstreetdiner.jpg (6943 bytes)

A very nice place, although slightly touristy. Anthony’s features three levels of dining– takeout fish & chips, diner, and deluxe. Each of these restaurants is self contained in the building. I enjoyed a delicious crab cake lunch with an Asian cole slaw. The crab cakes were fresh and delicious without being greasy. The service was excellent and the restaurant (see photo) features wonderful views. Highly recommended for food, service, and a convenient location on the downtown waterfront.

Right on Seattle’s waterfront, sits a restaurant with great food and excellent service. Anthony’s has an upstairs room with perfect views, and a downstairs room with just excellent views. You can’t lose with either. For my dinner, I started with the red clam chowder together with the complimentary fresh sourdough bread. The soup was excellent and fresh with the crispy, flavorful bread. For my main course, I enjoyed the daily caught salmon cooked on a Alder wood plank. Plank cooking is a special Northwest technique that loads the fish with delicious smoked flavor. The alder smoked salmon included fresh corn and delicious mashed potatoes. For the entire meal, including soft drink and tip- the total price was about $30. The desserts were truly incredible-focused on the fresh fruit of the season in several different preparations. Anthony’s is highly recommended for fresh seafood and great service at a wide variety of price points to suit any diner’s taste and budget.

2201 Alaskan Way

206-448-6688. Around $30 for a complete dinner

Chinook’s at Salmon Bay

chinooksseafood.jpg (13906 bytes) chinookrestaurantint.jpg (18873 bytes)
A great locals place in an out of the way location. Excellent fresh food at reasonable prices. I enjoyed a halibut baked on an alder plank to impart a delicious wood flavor. It was served with grillled spicy potatos and a vegatable medley. I started with a great Manhattan clam chowder and finished with key lime pie. Great service, reasonable prices, and a spectrum of entrees from fish & chips to deluxe in an authentic atmosphere. Highly recommended, although a little drive away.

Fisherman’s Terminal at 1900 West Nickerson St.

Around $30 for a complete dinner. 206-283-4665

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