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Spotlight Review: Never Ending Voyage

If you’ve ever fantasized about giving up the mortgage, the bills, the entire 9 to 5 life and everything in it for traveling the world, this may be just the site for you. Never Ending Voyage, authored by travel and life partners Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeany, is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do […]

Coffee Art + Chocolate + Music = Happiness

Day 1 of Seattle’s 5 Best Caffes… The most coffee I drink in a day is one cup. Aside from late-night, college paper-writing pounding sessions, and cappuccino blizzards, coffee just hasn’t been on my list of priorities. I often wonder why??? I’m from Seattle, everyone around me guzzles it, and yeah, aside from the slight […]

Pike Place Market – Golden Rays

The Seattle sun blessed the worried Northwest with its presence again, but the forecast predicted heavy rain for Labor Day weekend. Since the weather wasn’t good my last trip, I decided to head over to Seattle (while I still had the chance) so I could write about what Pike Place Market really has to offer. […]

Pike Place Market – Silver Days

A day at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Unique market choices and avoiding the Seattle rain…