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Pike Place MarketThe selection of fruits and vegetables at Seattle’s Pike Place market can be overwhelming. Unique varieties from the Pacific Northwest can be explained by the market’s vendors– many of whom are local farmers from the Seattle area. Specific cooking tips on market produce can also be provided– you just need to ask. There are over one hundred farmers from the Seattle and Washington area that sell produce at Pike Place Market. These farmers are continuing a tradition of almost 100 years in Seattle. A “highstall” or permanent produce stand offers other varieties of produce from Washington or around the world. Just like those ads on TV– the fishmongers are the highlight of the market. Fresh salmon, halibut, and many other fish are sold to residents and restraunteurs alike.

Pike Place Market is probably larger than you think. The market runs from First Avenue to Western Avenue and from Down Under to Post Alley. Make sure to check out as much of the market as you have time for.

Bring something to carry your purchases. A large canvas bag makes your items much easier to carry. Of course, canvas bags can also be purchased at the Market…

Come to Pike Place Market early — that’s when you get the best selection and the best items. You also will avoid crowds of people early in the day and have a great experience.

Pike Place Market

The parking is easy if you use the best garage. The most convenient parking is at 1531 Western Avenue, South of Steinbrueck Park. You can get easily from this parking to the market with the elavator and skybridge. There are special prices for early-bird and evenings. Evening parking up to one hour is usually free.

Take a bus to the market and avoid parking altogether! The Seattle Metro bus free ride zone includes Pike Place Market and many downtown Seattle hotels.

Come to Pike Place Market to find what is the best available– rather than coming with a specific need, check out what you can get– you might be surprised.

Before you purchase fruits or vegetables, scan the market to get a better idea what is available. Not everything is available in unlimited quantities. Check carefully for herbs, unusual fruits, or rare mushrooms– they can make your meal.

The best produce is locally grown, and in-season. Much of the produce at the Pike Place Market has been picked within a few days of its sale. You can make special requests or get information on the use of a particular fruit or vegetable. Just ask the farmer.

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